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Digital Production Buzz – August 20, 2015

Join Larry Jordan and Mike Horton as they talk with Philip Hodgetts, Sean Mullen, and Doug Sheer.

  • The Haiku of Production
  • Explore the World of 4K Effects
  • Analyzing the Current State of Professional Media

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Guests this Week

Philip Hodgetts
Philip Hodgetts, President, Lumberjack System
Philip Hodgetts owns two companies: Intelligent Assistance and Lumberjack System. He is a noted technologist and spends time currently talking about how to manage production when space and weight is limited. Because of his conservative approach to essential production gear, he’s developed “The Haiku of Production.” This week, we ask him what that means.
Sean Mullen
Sean Mullen, CEO & Lead Creative, Rampant Design Tools
Rampant Design Tools has launched new 4K effects footage for filmmakers – and now they are offering 4K effects free. We talk with CEO Sean Mullen about his latest titles any why he decided to offer them for free.
Doug Sheer
Doug Sheer, CEO / Chief Analyst, D.I.S. Consulting
D.I.S. Consulting, founded in 1982, specializes in research and consulting to the broadcast and pro-audio-video industry. This week, Doug Sheer, CEO, explains what his company does and highlights current trends we need to watch.
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