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Digital Production Buzz – September 24, 2015

Join Larry Jordan as he talks with Denver Riddle, Jonathan Handel, and Simon Walker.

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With co-host Michael Kammes

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Guests this Week

Denver Riddle
Denver Riddle, Founder, Color Grading Central
Denver Riddle is a professional colorist and founder of Color Grading Central, which he started as a learning resource for filmmakers and colorists. He is currently engaged in software development for Apple’s Final Cut Pro X, with Color Finale his most popular plugin to date.
Jonathan Handel
Jonathan Handel, Entertainment/Technology Attorney & Labor Reporter, TroyGould and The Hollywood Reporter
The recent Uber lawsuit ruled that, in many cases, independent contractors need to be considered employees. This ruling has implications for many filmmakers. Jonathan Handel, the contributing editor on entertainment labor issues for “The Hollywood Reporter,” joins us this week to discuss what we need to know about this ruling.
Simon Walker
Simon Walker, Freelance trainer
Simon Walker is an Adobe Certified Master Trainer, and UK-based instructor for the International Colorist Academy. He was working the Adobe booth at IBC and shares his thoughts on the latest Adobe announcements, plus new technology he discovered at the show.
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