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Digital Production Buzz – September 3, 2015

Join Larry Jordan and Mike Horton as they talk with Patrick Griffis, Steve Carson, and Jayce Venditti.

  • New Technology to Make Better Looking Pixels
  • Sneak Peek at the New DaVinci Resolve 12 Beta
  • An Artistic Vision that Gives Back to the Community

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Guests this Week

Patrick Griffis
Patrick Griffis, Vice President, Education at SMPTE & Executive Director, Tech Strategy at Dolby
As Executive Director for Technology Strategy at Dolby Laboratories, Patrick Griffis helps define future technology strategy for the company. He also serves on the Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers (SMPTE) Executive Committee as Vice President, Education where he helps set SMPTE’s conference technical programs and overall educational strategy. Tonight, we talk with Patrick about the latest pixel technology to make our images look even better.
Steve Carson
Steve Carson, Founder, Carson Filmworks, LLC
Steve Carson is the founder of Carson Filmworks, LLC, a San Diego based boutique specializing in color grading, editing and on-site post production services. He began shooting and editing  documentary films, but has focused on color grading for the past four years. DaVinci Resolve is his tool of choice for color grading and he has a report for us on the latest beta of Resolve.
Jayce Venditti
Jayce Venditti, Chief Artistic Officer & Founder, Tyme 2 Shyne Artistic Group, LLC
Jayce Venditti was raised on a farm in an artistic family where he fell in love with the arts and the planet. Faced with a choice between soccer and his love for singing, acting and dancing, the arts won out! He is now pushing a slate of films, including “The Hat,” and developing a new concept for the studio structure with his “Tyme 2 Shyne.” He shares his artistic vision with us on this week’s show.
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