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Digital Production Buzz – December 10, 2015

Join Larry Jordan and Mike Horton as they talk with Sue Lawson, Maxim Jago, and Max Votolato.

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Guests this Week

Sue Lawson
Sue Lawson, Editor, Chicago Edit
Sue Lawson is an award-winning, Chicago-based editor of corporate videos and feature films with a passion for preserving digital media. Recently, she associate produced and edited a documentary on guerrilla film preservation called Reel Heroes. Tonight she describes the project and how to preserve media for the long-term.
Maxim Jago
Maxim Jago, Director,
Maxim Jago is an award-winning director who is thinking about the future of media. We are already moving to 4K, but what about 8K, or more colors, or the impact of HDR? Discover where the future is taking us, tonight, on The Buzz.
Max Votolato
Max Votolato, Director/Producer/Editor/Researcher, Freeway City
Originally from South London, filmmaker Max Votolato has lived in Los Angeles for 14 years creating dozens of film and television credits. His newest documentary is called Freeway City, which is the story of Gardena, California, the One-Time Poker Capital of the World. Tonight, he shares what he did and how he did it.
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