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Digital Production Buzz – December 17, 2015

Join Larry Jordan and Mike Horton as they talk with Joseph Tully, Kendall Eckman, and Lynette Kent.

  • What Happens When Your Drone Goes Rogue?
  • How to Pick the Best Camera
  • The Art of Being a Professional Photographer
  • Randi’s Perspective: Editing Wars, RED’s Latest Camera, & more
  • Tech Talk: Adobe Stock & Libraries

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Guests this Week

Joseph Tully
Joseph Tully, Founder, Tully & Weiss Criminal Lawyers
What happens if you are flying a drone, you lose control and the drone interferes with police operations? Tonight, Joseph Tully, founder of California criminal law firm Tully & Weiss and author of California: State of Collusion, describes exactly that situation facing student Owen Ouywang where his drone went rogue near San Francisco.
Kendall Eckman
Kendall Eckman, Regional Manager, Western North America, Blackmagic Design
How do you pick the right camera for your project? (Hint: It isn’t necessarily the camera that you own.) Join Kendall Eckman, regional manager for western North America at Blackmagic Design, as he explains how to find the right camera for your next film.
Lynette Kent
Lynette Kent, Author, Artist, Educator, Photographer
Lynette Kent is a professional photographer who travels the world recording amazing landscapes. She is also an unconventional computer guru and one of the leaders of the Adobe Technology Exchange of Southern California. Tonight, she talks about traveling with pro photo gear, taking pictures and the art of being a pro.
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