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Digital Production Buzz – August 4, 2016

Join Larry Jordan as he talks with James DeRuvo, Maxim Jago, Laura Blum, Scott Page, Jonathan Handel, and Chris Bross.

  • The Latest from DoddleNEWS
  • 5 Tips for Financing Your Indie Film
  • When Documentaries Act Like Features
  • Think Like a Startup
  • Trouble in Telemundo
  • Avoid the Disaster of Data Loss

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Guests this Week

DoddleNEWS: The Latest from DoddleNEWS

James DeRuvo
James DeRuvo, Senior Writer,
This week, James DeRuvo, senior writer for DoddleNEWS, looks at the new Helium Red camera, new lenses from Laowa, and new graphics cards from NVidia.

In-depth Interview #1: 5 Tips for Financing Your Indie Film

Maxim Jago
Maxim Jago, Director, Jolie’s Garden
Maxim Jago is the Director of Jolie’s Garden. Tonight, he talks about the top five lessons he learned while financing his independent film, and what filmmakers can learn from his experience.

Thalo Arts: When Documentaries Act Like Features

Laura Blum
Laura Blum, Curator/Journalist,
Laura Blum, blogger on, returns with her thoughts on the blurring lines between documentaries and fiction films, with a look at the upcoming Tower documentary.

The Creativity Business: Think Like a Startup

Scott Page
Scott Page, CEO, Ignited Network
Scott Page is a musician, technologist, and serial entrepreneur. Tonight we welcome Scott as our newest show regular as he showcases what artists need to know about running a creative business.

Labor Report: Trouble in Telemundo

Jonathan Handel
Jonathan Handel, Of Counsel, TroyGould, Contributing Editor, The Hollywood Reporter
Actors at the Spanish-language NBCUniversal unit don’t get health insurance, residuals or other benefits; those at English- language NBC do. SAG-AFTRA, which has been quietly organizing over the last several months against NBCUniversal’s Telemundo unit, amped up the pressure on the non-union broadcaster Wednesday. Jonathan Handel, entertainment labor reporter for the Hollywood Reporter has the details.

In-depth Interview #2: Avoid the Disaster of Data Loss

Chris Bross
Chris Bross, Chief Technology Officer, DriveSavers Data Recovery
What happens when disaster strikes and your critical data is destroyed? Chris Bross, the Chief Technology Officer for DriveSavers, presents a recent case-study about one filmmaker’s loss of hundreds of terabytes of critical data due to the incompatibility between Apple OS X and 3rd-party drive manufacturer’s software. Don’t let this disaster happen to you!
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