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Digital Production Buzz – October 27, 2016

Today Apple announced new laptops and software, plus Halloween is only four days away – a perfect time to talk about horror films.

Join host Larry Jordan as he talks with Gus Krieger, Jeff Farley, Jonathan Handel, Lisa Younger, Jeff G Rack, and James DeRuvo.

  • Apple Releases New Version of Final Cut Pro X – An Analysis
  • Apple’s Hardware Announcements
  • The Thinking Behind SAG/AFTRA’s Strike of Video Game Developers
  • Writing and Directing a Horror Film
  • Acting in a Horror Movie – and Surviving!
  • Art Direction and Set Design for Horror Films and Plays
  • Make-up for Horror Films

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Guests this Week

Featured Interview #1: Writing and Directing a Horror Film

Gus Krieger
Gus Krieger, Writer/Director/Producer, The Binding Film

Writer, director, and producer Gus Krieger earns his living scaring the sox off other people. His work includes: “The Killing Room,” “Would You Rather,” “Fender Bender,” and “The Binding.” A great horror film starts with a solid script and a good director. Tonight, Gus explains what it takes to put a show together.

Featured Interview #2: Make-up for Horror Films

Jeff Farley
Jeff Farley, President, Obscure Artifacts

When it comes to horror films, nothing says “scary” like blood dripping off someone’s face. Tonight Emmy-nominated make-up artist, Jeff Farley, joins us to talk about the process of putting together truly frightening looks.

The Thinking Behind SAG/AFTRA’s Strike

Jonathan Handel
Jonathan Handel, Entertainment/Technology Attorney & Labor Reporter, TroyGould and The Hollywood Reporter,

Last week, just before we went on the air, SAG/AFTRA announced a strike of video game developers. Tonight, Jonathan Handel, entertainment/technology attorney, explains why they did it and what it means.

Acting in a Horror Movie – and Surviving!

Lisa Younger
Lisa Younger, Actress/Writer,

We have all watched that horror movie behind our sofas or with our eyes partly shut but what’s it like to actually ACT in a horror movie? Tonight Lisa Younger, actress and writer, gives us her perspective on what it’s like being in a horror movie – and surviving!

Designing a Set for Maximum Shock

Jeff G. Rack
Jeff G. Rack, Producing Artistic Director, Unbound Productions

Horror needs an environment in which to scare the audience. Jeff G. Rack, an award-winning set designer, producer and director, tells us the intricacies of designing a set that enables the director’s vision, provides a safe environment for he actors, yet still terrifies the audience.

DoddleNEWS Update

James DeRuvo
James DeRuvo, Film and Technology Reporter, DoddleNEWS

James DeRuvo, senior writer for DoddleNEWS, presents the latest industry news.

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