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Digital Production Buzz – January 12, 2017

Music is the key to emotion. But creating quality music has never been easy. Tonight, The Buzz looks at different ways to create music and sound effects. From music created by musicians, modified by software, or generated entirely through artificial intelligence, tonight we bring the music to life.

Join host Larry Jordan as he talks with Laurent Martin, Kevin Klingler, Tony Cariddi, Peder Jorgensen, Scott Page, James DeRuvo.

  • Aitokaiku Creates Ever-changing Interactive Musical Concerts
  • Smartsound: Customize Music Instantly
  • ProTools Updates with New Tools
  • Soundly: Sound Design Collaboration in The Cloud
  • When Music No Longer Requires a Musician
  • The Weekly DoddleNEWS Update

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Guests this Week

Featured Interview #1: Aitokaiku Creates Ever-changing Interactive Musical Concerts

Laurent Martin
Laurent Martin, Cofounder and CMO, Aitokaiku

Aitokaiku creates ever-changing interactive musical concerts. Co-founder and CMO Laurent Martin explains how this new music technology creates a musical soundtrack to your life.

Featured Interview #2: Smartsound: Customize Music Instantly

Kevin Klingler
Kevin Klingler, President & CEO, Smartsound Software, Inc

Twenty years ago, Smartsound revolutionized the creation of royalty-free production music by allowing it to be instantly customized. Tonight, founder and CEO, Kevin Klingler, stops by to explain what Smartsound did and what still makes them unique today.

ProTools Updates with New Tools

Tony Cariddi
Tony Cariddi, Product and Solutions Marketing Director, Avid

ProTools recently updated their software with new tools and features focused on musicians. Tonight, Tony Cariddi, Avid’s product and solutions marketing director for ProTools, joins us to explain their latest update and how musicians can use it to create new forms of music.

Soundly: Sound Design Collaboration in The Cloud

Peder Jørgensen
Peder Jørgensen, Developer and Sound Designer, Soundly

Sound effects are a critical component of sound design. A new startup – Soundly – has created a library of sound effects and moved them to The Cloud to simplify collaboration, as Peder Jørgensen, co-founder and lead developer for Soundly, explains.

When Music No Longer Requires a Musician

Scott Page
Scott Page, CEO, Ignited Networks

What happens when creating music no longer requires a musician? When Artificial Intelligence is the power behind the song. Scott Page, professional musician and entrepreneur, analyzes the newest trend in music showcased at CES and shares his thoughts for the future.

The weekly DoddleNEWS Update

James DeRuvo
James DeRuvo, Film and Technology Reporter, DoddleNEWS

James DeRuvo, Senior Writer at DoddleNEWS, has a multi-faceted career that spans radio, film and publishing. Covering technology in the video industry for nearly 20 years, James presents our weekly DoddleNEWS Update.

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