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Digital Production Buzz – January 5, 2017

The food has been eaten and the lights are down – with 2017 well and truly started – we are joined by old friends to talk about the year ahead and what trends they are seeing emerging.

Join host Larry Jordan as he talks with Dave Colantuoni, Steven Roth, Cirina Catania, Philip Hodgetts, Ned Soltz, and James DeRuvo.

  • Avid’s Plans for 2017
  • Ned Soltz’s Predictions for 2017
  • Cirina Catania’s Thoughts for 2017
  • Thalo Looks Ahead to 2017
  • Philip Hodgetts’ Key Trends for 2017
  • The Weekly DoddleNEWS Update

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Guests this Week

Featured Interview #1: Avid’s Plans for 2017

Dave Colantuoni
Dave Colantuoni, Sr. Director of Product Management, Avid Technology

David Colantuoni is the senior director of product management for Avid. Two weeks ago, when Avid announced the upcoming release of ScriptSync, we spoke with David about his plans for the coming year. Tonight, we air part two of our interview.

Featured Interview #2: Ned Soltz’s Predictions for 2017

Ned Soltz
Ned Soltz, Contributing Editor, Red Shark News, Ned Soltz Inc.

Ned Soltz grabs his favorite crystal ball and shares his 2017 predictions for hardware, software, virtual reality, HDR and other tech trends. Grab something to write this, this will be fun!

Cirina Catania’s Thoughts for 2017

Cirina Catania
Cirina Catania, Founder and Lead Creative, The Catania Group

Cirina Catania is a successful writer, director, journalist and tech evangelist.  She is one of the original co-founders of the Sundance Film Festival and produced The Buzz for almost nine years. Tonight, she shares her thoughts on key business and tech trends for 2017.

Thalo Looks Ahead to 2017

Steven W. Roth
Steven W. Roth, CEO, Thalo, LLC

Steven W. Roth is the CEO of Thalo LLC. This creative community of artists and websites includes, and the Digital Production Tonight, Steven looks ahead to 2017 and what he sees happening with this creative arts family.

Philip Hodgetts’ Key Trends for 2017

Philip Hodgetts
Philip Hodgetts, President, Lumberjack System

Philip Hodgetts is one of the most respected names in tech today. He’s also the CEO of Lumberjack System. Tonight, he shares his perspective on the technology trends he expects to see in 2017.

The weekly DoddleNEWS Update

James DeRuvo
James DeRuvo, Film and Technology Reporter, DoddleNEWS

James DeRuvo, Senior Writer at DoddleNEWS, has a multi-faceted career that spans radio, film and publishing. Covering technology in the video industry for nearly 20 years, James presents our weekly DoddleNEWS Update.

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