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Digital Production Buzz @ NAB Show 2017 – Show 22

Join host Larry Jordan, live from the trade show floor at the 2017 NAB Show, in this episode of the Digital Production Buzz, as he discusses the latest news and announcements with:

* Jess Hartman, President/CEO of ProMAX Systems

* Danny Peters, Director of Creative Services of SAM

* Chris Steele, Managing Director of Marquis Broadcast

* Gary Antanasio, Director of Sales, Americas of Mo-Sys

Jess Hartman talks about ProMAX and their platform product line. He introduces 3 new features including new Adobe Integration and their own encoding engine.

Danny Peters discusses Snell Advances Media software and hardware designed for media management and sharing at the enterprise level.

Chris Steele showcases Marquis Broadcast and how their software enables sharing media and projects between applications. He also discusses their new product launched Wednesday called Worx4.

Gary Antanasio talks about Mo-Sys, camera tracking and their announcement of StarTracker.

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