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Digital Production Buzz @ NAB Show 2017 – Show 23

Join host Larry Jordan, live from the trade show floor at the 2017 NAB Show, in this episode of the Digital Production Buzz, as he discusses the latest news and announcements with:

* Paul Isaacs, Director of Product Management and Design of Sound Devices, LLC

* Sam Mestman, CEO of Lumaforge

* Bram Desmet, President/CEO of Flanders Scientific

* Kevin Duggan, Product Manager/Director of iMedia

Paul Isaacs describes Sound Devices. He showcases their new sound recording devices targeted at people new to audio recording, the Mix Pre-3 and the Mix Pre-6.

Sam Mestman discusses Lumaforge and their different shared media products including Jellyfish, Sharestation, and Workflow.

Bran Desmet talks about Flanders Scientific, what separates them from other monitor brands, the challenges of monitoring HDR and their HDR displays including their DM Series, XM 55U, and OLED.

Kevin Duggan discusses iMedia and Focal Point Server, which provides asses management from an editors point of view. He also announces their latest features in the software.

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