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Digital Production Buzz @ NAB Show 2017 – Show 8

Join host Larry Jordan, live from the trade show floor at the 2017 NAB Show, in this episode of the Digital Production Buzz, as he discusses the latest news and announcements with:


* Peter Plesner, Co-Founder/Owner of BB&S Lighting

* Craig Farrell, President of Flex Solutions of VER

* Wes Phillips, Co-Founder of SmallHD

* Niki Mustain, MPTV Product Manager & Social Media Marketing Manager of Schneider Optics


Peter Plesner tells us why we should consider to BB&S. He also discusses new products aimed towards smaller studios ranging from bags to lighting kits.

Craig Farrell describes what VER and their new addition of renting remote trucks. He describes their different trucks, what kind of clients they look for, pricing, and possible markets for expansion.

Wes Phillips showcases SmallHD and their new video monitor line up. He talks about why their booth  is outdoors at NAB 2017 and the future with wireless displays.

Niki Mustain talks to us about what Schneider does and their new TKT lenses. She introduces new filters announced for NAB including diopters and rhodium ND Filters.

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