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Digital Production Buzz – November 30, 2017

Storage technology and media management are at the center of media today. File sizes are growing exponentially – driven by 4K, HDR, and VR – while collaboration demands that multiple users be able to find a specific file. This week we revisit the latest trends in storage technology to see what’s coming and where it fits in our workflow. Then, we take a look at two wildly different software for media asset management.

Join host Larry Jordan as he talks with Larry O’Connor, Gary Watson, David Schleifer, Greg Crosby, Peter Agelasto IV, and James DeRuvo.

  • Trends in Storage Technology
  • Storage Designed for Media
  • PrimeStream: High-end Asset Management
  • New Storage from G-Technology
  • Don’t Get Buried in Bytes
  • The Weekly DoddleNEWS Update

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Guests this Week

Trends in Storage Technology

Larry O'Connor

Larry O’Connor, President & Founder, Other World Computing

Storage technology is at the center of media today. File sizes are growing exponentially driven by 4K, HDR, VR and collaboration. This week we talk with Larry O’Connor, Founder and President of Other World Computing, about trends in storage and the hardware we can use to better manage all our files.

Storage Designed for Media

Gary Watson

Gary Watson, Co-founder and Chief Technical Officer, Nexsan

Picking the right storage is becoming increasingly difficult. Tonight we talk with Gary Watson, Co-founder and Chief Technical Officer of Nexsan, about their storage systems which are designed for media and archiving. How do we decide what storage we need?

PrimeStream: High-end Asset Management

David Schleifer

David Schleifer, Chief Operations Officer, Primestream

Storing your files is important, but FINDING them is even more important. Tonight, David Schleifer, Chief Operations Officer of Primestream, talks with us about media management for enterprises and large workgroups.

New Storage from G-Technology

Greg Crosby

Greg Crosby, Director of Product Line Management, G-Technology (A Western Digital Brand)

The small silver storage boxes from G-Technology are in virtually every edit suite. Tonight, we talk with Greg Crosby, Director of Product Line Management for G-Technology, about storage trends, new products and how G-Tech can help us safely store our files.

Don’t Get Buried in Bytes

Peter Agelasto IV

Peter Agelasto IV, Founder, Digital ReLab

“Keep Calm and Organize” is the motto of Digital Relab. Peter Agelasto, Founder of Digital ReLab, talks about their new Starchive media asset management system and how it’s designed to help media creators find what they are looking for.

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