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Digital Production Buzz – December 28, 2017

Tonight, our leading analysts look back at 2017 and highlight the key trends and events that made the most impact on our industry. You’ll be surprised at the diversity of their opinions – in fact, almost no one agrees with anyone else! Join us and see if their opinions match yours.

Join host Larry Jordan as he talks with Ned Soltz, Randi Altman, Jonathan Handel, Michele Yamazaki, Philip Hodgetts, Michael Kammes, and James DeRuvo.

  • DoddleNEWS In 2017
  • Ned Soltz: 2017 In Review
  • Randi Altman: 2017 In Review
  • Jonathan Handel: 2017 In Review
  • Michele Yamazaki: 2017 in Review
  • Philip Hodgetts: 2017 In Review
  • Michael Kammes: 2017 In Review

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Guests this Week

Ned Soltz: 2017 In Review

Ned Soltz

Ned Soltz, Contributing Editor, Red Shark News, Ned Soltz Inc.

Ned Soltz, contributing editor for Red Shark News, begins our review of key industry news, events and products in 2017. Ned focuses on cameras and video technology.

Randi Altman: 2017 In Review

Randi Altman

Randi Altman, Editor-in-Chief, postPerspective

Randi Altman, Editor-in-Chief of, has a different perspective on the industry and shares her thoughts the impact of net neutrality, Cloud computing and AI in 2017.

Jonathan Handel: 2017 In Review

Jonathan Handel

Jonathan Handel, Entertainment/Technology Attorney & Labor Reporter, TroyGould and The Hollywood Reporter

2017 was more than new technology, it was also scandals that ignited an entire movement. And covering it from the beginning was Jonathan Handel, entertainment labor reporter for “The Hollywood Reporter.” Jonathan shares his thoughts on the biggest news from 2017.

Michele Yamazaki: 2017 in Review

Michele Yamazaki

Michele Yamazaki, VP Marketing, Toolfarm

Michele Yamazaki, VP of Marketing for Toolfarm, shares her thoughts on what made 2017 interesting – or, in her opinion, NOT so interesting.

Philip Hodgetts: 2017 In Review

Philip Hodgetts

Philip Hodgetts, President, Lumberjack System

Philip Hodgetts, CEO of Lumberjack System and noted technology analyst, shares his thoughts on key trends from 2017.

Michael Kammes: 2017 In Review

Michael Kammes

Michael Kammes, Director of Technology, Key Code Media

Michael Kammes, Director of Technology for KeyCode Media, wraps up our look back at 2017 with key industry trends that set the stage for 2018.

DoddleNEWS Looks Back at 2017

James DeRuvo

James DeRuvo, Senior Writer, DoddleNEWS

James DeRuvo, Senior Writer at DoddleNEWS, has a multi-faceted career that spans radio, film and publishing. With experience covering technology in the video industry for nearly 20 years, James presents our weekly DoddleNEWS Update.

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