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Digital Production Buzz – NAB Show BuZZ LIVE 2018 – Show 5 (April 12, 6pm)

Join host Larry Jordan, live from our booth on the NAB Show floor, as he talks with:

  • Chris Brown, EVP, Convention and Business Operations, NAB
    • Chris Brown talks about the large amount of preparation work to host the NAB Show, and also gives his opinion on the latest trends in the media industry and their plans for next year.
  • Laura Williams Argilla, Director of Product Management for Professional Audio and Video, Professional Video, Adobe
    • Laura Williams Argilla introduces Adobe’s latest updates for their video and audio software. For Adobe Premiere Pro, updates include shot-matching, split-screen view to compare color adjustments, auto ducking, and supporting more complex motion graphics. For Adobe After Effects, the update offers master properties, which allows master-child relations between parameters, and the puppet tool is upgraded for more complexity and points of interaction. Additionally, Adobe Audition now offers clip matching, and importing sequences from Adobe Premiere Pro. Laura also explained Adobe’s plans for the future.
  • Matthew Bennion, Senior Product Marketing Manager, G-Technology
    • Matthew Bennion introduces G-Technology’s three new SSDs, including a new portable SSD, a new desktop product called G-Drive Pro SSD, and lastly, a new RAID called G-SPEED Shuttle.
  • Eric Larsen, Director of Marketing, TASCAM
    • Eric Larsen talks about TASCAM’s latest products, including a firmware update for their DSLR recorder, which now supports ambisonic audio recording. He also talks about their new Dante converter that uses Cat5 and Cat6 cables to deliver audio over IP.
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