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Digital Production Buzz – July 12, 2018

This week, we look at archiving our projects. There are three ways to archive: Cloud, tape and disk. Which is the best? Tonight, we talk to key technologists to help us figure out the best way to preserve our projects and media for the long term. It is surprisingly difficult.

Join host Larry Jordan as he talks with Larry O’Connor, Andy Klein, Anthony Juliano, Chris May, Denis Leconte and James DeRuvo.

  • Three Long-Term Archive Options
  • Archive in The Cloud?
  • Tape Archives Everything
  • Prep Your Files For Archiving
  • You Saved It, Now Bring It Back
  • The Weekly DoddleNEWS Update

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Guests this Week

Three Long-Term Archive Options

Larry O'Connor
Larry O’Connor, Founder & CEO, Other World Computing
There are three main options for long-term archiving: Cloud, tape and disk. Tonight, Larry O’Connor, CEO of OWC, starts our discussion of archiving with a look at these three options, along with recommendations on what technology makes sense today.

Archive in The Cloud?

Andrew Klein
Andrew Klein, Director, Product Marketing, Backblaze
Backblaze is a Cloud-based storage solution. Tonight we talk with Andrew Klein, Director of Product Marketing for Backblaze about archive options, the differences between backups and archives, and what we need to know to successfully archive our files. His answers will surprise you, as will his thoughts on what we need to do to safely archive our projects.

Tape Archives Everything

Anthony Juliano
Anthony Juliano, Senior Account Manager, FujiFilm Recording Media USA
FujiFilm makes magnetic tapes for LTO systems. Tape is at the heart of almost all archive systems, including Cloud services. Tonight, Anthony Juliano, Senior Account Manager of FujiFilm, walks us through how to help future proof our media. Plus, he also shares his insights on the economics of tape.

Prep Your Files For Archiving

Chris May
Chris May, M & E Business Development Specialist, SpectraLogic
There’s a big difference between backups and archives. It is said that if you don’t have a file stored in three places, you don’t have it. Tonight, we talk with Chris May, M & E Business Development Specialist for SpectraLogic about preparing files for archiving, avoiding software obsolescence and how to find and access files after they are archived.

You Saved It, Now Bring It Back

Denis Leconte
Denis Leconte, Vice President of Technology, Iron Mountain Entertainment Services
Archives are more than digital data. They are also photographs, papers, books and other physical items. Iron Mountain is a well-respected archiving and storage company. Tonight, Denis Leconte, VP of Technology for Iron Mountain, talks about what we need to know to preserve ALL our assets, not just the digital ones.

The Weekly DoddleNEWS Update

James DeRuvo
James DeRuvo, Editor-in-Chief, DoddleNEWS.
James DeRuvo Editor-in-Chief at, has a multi-faceted career spanning radio, film and publishing. With experience covering technology in the video industry for nearly 20 years, James joins us every week to present the latest industry news.
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