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Digital Production Buzz – August 23, 2018

More than ever, as technology changes, it is important to keep our skills up-to-date. That means training. These few remaining days of summer are a perfect time to hone our existing skills or learn something new. Tonight we talk with a variety of different training firms about their approach to training and how to decide what works best for you.

Join host Larry Jordan as he talks with Johnathon Amayo, Jim Malcolm, Ben Kozuch, Mak Azadi and James DeRuvo.

  • Training Media Professionals
  • New Ways to Teach VR
  • 20 Years of Professional Training
  • Inside Look at Online Training
  • The Weekly DoddleNEWS Update

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Guests this Week

Training Media Professionals

Johnathon Amayo
Johnathon Amayo, Chief Academic Officer, Key Code Media
Key Code Media has a new training department and tonight we talk with Johnathon Amayo, Chief Academic Officer for Keycode Media. His role is to work with educational establishments creating curricula and training subjects. He also helps students decide the best training for them.

New Ways to Teach VR

Jim Malcolm
Jim Malcolm, General Manager, North America, Humaneyes Technologies
Humaneyes, a company we usually associate with 360VR cameras, is working with schools and universities to develop curricula that will help students learn more about the creation of VR media. Jim Malcolm, General Manager of Humaneyes explains their approach.

20 Years of Professional Training

Ben Kozuch
Ben Kozuch, President, Future Media Concepts
Future Media Concepts first began training 24 years ago. Tonight we talk with Ben Kozuch, President of Future Media Concepts, as he discusses their approach to training, how they find instructors and how they can help professionals advance their careers.

Inside Look at Online Training

Mak Azadi
Mak Azadi, President/COO, CreativeLive
Sometimes the edge we need is to improve our ability to interact with people to get that next great job. Tonight we talk with Mak Azadi, President and COO of CreativeLive, about how knowing about “money and life” is just as important as learning about how to run the latest software.

The Weekly DoddleNEWS Update

James DeRuvo
James DeRuvo, Editor-in-Chief, DoddleNEWS.
James DeRuvo, Editor-in-Chief at, has a multi-faceted career spanning radio, film and publishing. With experience covering technology in the video industry for nearly 20 years, James joins us every week to present the latest industry news.
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