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Digital Production Buzz – April 25, 2019

On tonight’s episode of The Buzz, we have a variety of subjects to share with you. We start with an update on the tectonic forces between writers and agents that’s creating upheaval in Hollywood. Then, we look at the world of text transcripts and how AI is transforming an industry. Along the way, we’ll also cover sound design and and better DIT workflows.

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Join host Larry Jordan as he talks with Jonathan Handel, Dom Bourne, Julian Evans and Jeff Edson.

  • Status: WGA Battles Talent Agents
  • The Turbulent State of Transcription
  • The Immersive World of Sound Design
  • Assimilate at NAB: New Features & Codecs

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Guests this Week

Status: WGA Battles Talent Agents

Jonathan Handel
Jonathan Handel, Entertainment/Technology Attorney & Labor Reporter, TroyGould and The Hollywood Reporter
The Writers Guild has done the unthinkable – required their members to fire their agents in the ongoing dispute with talent agencies. Jonathan Handel, entertainment labor reporter for “The Hollywood Reporter,” explains what’s happening; and two other major Guilds that are lurking in the background … watching.

The Turbulent State of Transcription

Dom Bourne
Dom Bourne, Founder/President, Take 1 Transcription
Take 1 began as a simple transcription company, based in London. But, today, the world of transcripts has exploded into metadata, captions, multi-language support and far more. Tonight, Dom Bourne, founder and president of Take 1, discusses the turbulent state of transcription which is further challenged by AI-driven automated transcripts.

The Immersive World of Sound Design

Julian Evans
Julian Evans, Vice President, Audioworks Film & Theatre
Pictures may tell the story, but sound drives the emotions. And nothing sets the mood better than sound design. Today, we are chatting with Julian Evans, the VP of Audioworks, a company that provides sound design and mixing services for feature films and shorts.

Assimilate at NAB: New Features & Codecs

Jeff Edson
Jeff Edson, CEO, Assimilate Inc.
Jeff Edson is the CEO of Assimilate. They create software that’s used for dailies/VFX review as well as DI/Finishing. They just announced at NAB software support for ProRes RAW. Today, we’re excited to talk new features and codecs!

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