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Product Review: Promise Pegasus2 M4 RAID

December 7, 2014  •  By Larry Jordan


Since I had both the OWC and Promise systems, I copied 450 GB between them. I’ll be truthful, speeds like this make me grin. Yes, there are faster RAID systems out there, but not at this price.


For me, the real test of performance is not the raw speed numbers, but how it handles multicam editing. (I did this testing with the unit configured as a RAID 5.)

For this first test, I built a 16 camera multicam whose clips all used the XDCAM EX format. Since FCP edits this format natively, no media optimization was used.

As you can see, the data load of around 70 MB was easily handled by the M4.

Next, I created an eight-camera multicam clip using ProRes 4444. This is a very heavy format, generating massive files and choking smaller storage systems.

However, during playback, the system easily handled the 280 MB/second load. While more camera streams would increase this the data load, most cameras shoot ProRes 422, which generates much smaller files and are thus easier to handle because their data needs are lower.

In other words, for single camera or multicam editing, the M4 has performance to spare for almost all video formats 2K and below.


The Promise Pegasus2 M4 RAID is a tremendous performer. It is extremely fast, but like all SSD drives, with very limited storage capacity.

If speed, light weight and ruggedness are more important to you than storage capacity, the Pegasus2 M4 needs to be on your short list of drives to consider.

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