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Product Review: XMiL Keywords

July 14, 2015  •  By Larry Jordan


The first time you run Keywords, you’ll see this message. Because Apple wants to make sure that no malicious software takes control of your computer, it “sandboxes” one application from the other. This is generally a really good idea.

However, in order for the Keyword Helper Script to work, we need to allow both the Helper Script and Keywords to share information. Hence this message.

I don’t have a problem with changing the Accessibility settings on the computer. But the problem with this dialog is that none of its instructions seem to apply to OS X 10.9. Nor does it explain which checkboxes to check to enable Keywords to work. (In fact, there are a number of typos in this dialog, which leads me to think this wasn’t proof-read too carefully.)

UPDATE – Dec. 1, 2014

I spoke with Rainer about this issue and he is updating the application to include better directions on how to set system preferences. The corrected dialog will look like this.

You do NOT need to download Keyword Helper Script in order to use Keywords. You can manually export an XML file and have Keywords process it. If security is more important to you than ease of use, don’t install the Helper Script which means these Security settings do not need to be changed.

If, on the other hand, speed and ease of use are more important, installing Keyword Helper Script may make this process really easy; provided your system supports Keyword Helper.

For this review, I was able to get Keyword Helper Script installed, but could never get it to run.

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