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Product Review: XMiL Keywords

July 14, 2015  •  By Larry Jordan


This utility has a lot of potential, but I think it is showing some very rough edges; which is typical for a version 1.0 product.

  • Currently, it displays the keywords associated with each clip, but doesn’t display individual keywords. In the text file above, one clip has the keywords “Pond5, Space, underwater” applied to it. But there is no way to learn how many clips have just the Pond5 keyword applied.
  • I could not get the Keyword Helper Script to work, even though the software said that the script was installed. Nor did the script show up in the Script icon in the top Menu bar.
  • The installation instructions are ambiguous to the point of being confusing. At a minimum, they are not particularly accurate or helpful.
  • I like that it can save Keywords to a searchable text file. What would be even more helpful, though, is the ability to list what library and event these keywords are associated with. This would provide an ability that FCP X does not have which is to search keywords across multiple libraries.
  • Also missing is the ability to know which clips are associated with each keyword.
  • There is no way to clear the Floating Keyword window, for example to make sure you are starting fresh when exporting a new XML file.
  • Checking or unchecking “Floating Window” does not do anything, as far as I can tell.
  • Only one Help menu is really necessary.

UPDATE – DEc. 1, 2014

After writing this review, I spoke with Rainer about my concerns. He shared the following points:

  • When the window is set to float, then it will stay in front of all other apps. On the other hand, when floating is turned off, then the window hides behind other app’s windows.
  • The window can not be cleared. However when you load another (or even the same) XML file then the window clears out automatically.
  • The count of keywords really only indicates how many times the particular key word has been encountered in the XML. The idea is to export XMLs of just what you are trying to analyze, e.g. a particular set of clips, or a sequence.
  • I am curious why the script didn’t work out – any details you care to share? Got any error messages, or so? You want to be sure that you select the item you want to make the XML for in the browser in FCP.
  • Near the end you say ‘Nor did the script show up in the Script icon in the top Menu bar.’ That is somewhat contradictory with the image you have of the menu bar item (the one with the green key). The script seems to have been detected, as indicated by the ‘Get XML…’ item not being greyed out.
You could mention that there is an update in the pipeline that addresses the issue of the Accessibility instructions being incomplete. (How quickly this will be available depends on Apple’s review. I anticipate about 6 days, but there really is no way of telling for sure.)

Larry replies: Thanks for the comments and the update. When trying to run the script, I received no error messages. My wording on the script was unclear. It appeared in the Keywords menu but not in the Apple Scripts menu. And, for whatever reason, when I selected an Event in FCP X, choosing the Script option did not work.

I am always encouraged when a developer listens to feedback and improves their product. This first release may be rocky, but this is an application you need to keep your eyes on for the future. I have every expectation it will improve.

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