Creating Slideshows to Music in DVD Studio Pro

When you need a Slideshow in your DVD, and don’t have the time or budget to produce a photo montage video in Final Cut Pro, a DVD Studio Pro Studio Pro Slideshow is a great solution. Creating a slideshow in DVD Studio is very easy to do.

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Making a DVD Loop with DVD Studio Pro

Lets say you are producing a trade show video, that you want to be on a continuous loop, it is easy to do with DVD Studio Pro. There are a number of ways to get from Final Cut Pro to DVD Studio Pro.

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Apple DVD Studio Pro: Creating Multi Language DVD in DVD Studio Pro

Chapter: DVD Authoring

Topic: Multi-language

Creating a Multi-language DVD is alot easier than you think. If you have a video project where you need to offer the audio in many different languages, basically you can accomplish this by assigning menu buttons to point at each one of your audio tracks. In the example below, I’ve already imported the aif files of the different language audio tracks into my DVD Studio Pro project.


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