Converting between QuickTime and AVI

Chapter: Distribution

Topic: Encoding Techniques

I’ve done a lot of QuickTime to AVI conversion, and have found three Windows-based ways that work, and one Mac-based way that works in certain circumstances.

Digital Audio for Multimedia

Chapter: Distribution

Topic: Delivery Codecs

[Although a little dated, this article covers the basics of audio for low bandwidth delivery.] Some of the codec choices and recommendations are now superceded by more modern technologies.

Digital Video Codec Choices Part 1

Chapter: Distribution

Topic: Encoding for Web or ROM

[Part 1 of this series covers types of codecs and Compression basics, and remains relevant even though Part 2 and other related codec reviews is no longer relevant.] Compression is both the boon and bane of computer video. Boon because without it today’s computers could not keep up with video data rates; bane because it modifies the video image in ways difficult to predict, complicating the job of the video professional.