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EditShare Powers 4K Media Workflows with New 40-Gigabit Ethernet Shared Storage Options

EditShare, the technology leader in shared media storage and end-to-end tapeless workflow solutions, is leveraging new 40-Gigabit Ethernet technology to optimize performance for 4K and other high-resolution workflows across its EditShare shared storage solutions.

The new 40-Gigabit Ethernet EditShare shared storage systems shown at NAB are powered by switch and network card technology from Mellanox, as well as network cards from Chelsio.

Attendees to NAB can request a private demonstration to see the EditShare shared storage with 40-Gigabit Ethernet technology.

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Matrox to Support Next Major Updates of Adobe Professional Video Editing Tools

Matrox Video has announced support for the upcoming release of Adobe professional video editing tools, including Adobe Premiere Pro CC and Adobe Mercury Transmit for Adobe After Effects CC, with the Matrox Mojito 4K monitoring card, the Matrox MXO2 family of I/O devices and the Matrox Mojito MAX I/O card. WYSIWYG support for Adobe Photoshop CC will also be provided.

Matrox Mojito 4K is a quad 3G-SDI, 4K video card for use with Adobe Creative Cloud™ professional video editing tools on Windows® platforms. It provides 10-bit H.264 intra-frame rendering and enables realtime monitoring and output of video footage at resolutions up to 4096×2160 and at frame rates up to 60 fps (4K@60fps) making it ideal for full-res 2K, QFHD and 4K workflows.

Matrox MXO2 and Mojito MAX I/O products provide broadcast-quality video and audio input, output and monitoring to enable traditional tape-based workflows including deck control for frame-accurate batch capture and print-to-tape. They are also the only I/O solutions on the market that let users encode H.264 files for delivery to the web, iPad and iPhone up to five times faster than software alone without sacrificing quality. In addition, MXO2 devices provide cross-platform Mac and Windows support and are still the only solutions that connect anywhere, Mac and PC, via Thunderbolt, PCIe or ExpressCard/34 — with the same versatile unit.

Matrox I/0 products will be featured at the 2014 NAB Show (Las Vegas, April 7-10, booth SL5019).

Price and availability

Matrox products are available through a worldwide network of authorized dealers. Matrox Mojito 4K is priced at $1995 US (€1795, £1495) not including local taxes and delivery. Matrox MXO2 devices are priced starting at $449 US (€382, £338). Matrox Mojito MAX is priced at $995 US (€799, £749).

Drivers for the next major update of Adobe Premiere Pro CC will be available to registered Matrox users as a free download from the Matrox website after the updates are available via Adobe Creative Cloud.

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Switronix NAB 2014 New Product Releases

Switronix, a leader in the market of batteries and charging solutions for the Digital Cinema and Professional Video industry, is excited to announce new products debuting at NAB 2014 in Las Vegas.

GoPro Power Solutions

Switronix will be showing and utilizing our new line of power solutions for the GoPro Hero 3/3+ in a NAB Show long time lapse video. The new DV-GP3 GoPro Power adapters redefine power for these small POV cameras. The adapters lock into the battery receptacle on the back of the camera, doing away with the need to rely on the USB connection, which can come out easily in active situations. Providing a reliable and secure power connection is essential when using the GoPro camera, since the cameras are put in precarious and high impact settings.

Latest in Lithium Ion battery technology & break-thru in wireless transmission technology!

Switronix is debuting our new Hypercore series of battery packs, employing the latest in Lithium Ion technology. The Hypercore cell was constructed with the specific purpose of handling and sustaining high power draws. The series delivers the most value and ROI for those who require battery packs to stand the test of time and deliver unrivaled performance.

The Hypercore packs incorporate the best in safety, performance and reliability. “We are constantly listening to the needs and demands of our clients, and while camera technology evolves, they need a battery pack which will stand up for years through digital, 4k and future camera models,” explains Dan Moore, Chief Engineer.

Additional features include an on-board powertap and USB output, adding to the value of these high performance battery packs. “Whether it’s a camera, light, monitor or charging your iPhone or iPad, these battery packs are meant to power your production, not just your camera. These are the optimal battery product in today’s marketplace, as well as tomorrow’s,” says Ross Kanarek, Business Development Manager.

The Hypercore cells are protected by Switronix’ 3rd Generation Duracase housing; an overmolded ABS housing proven to reduce the chance of damage in the event of impact caused by a drop.

Each battery pack contains a backlit, runtime display, providing the most accurate power status reading in the market. Not only does the microprocessor calculate the remaining runtime when a load is attached, the display will also inform you of remaining charge time when being charged. The readings are presented in hours and minutes as well as percentage and recalculated and updated every 5 seconds should the power draw vary.

Coupled with the innovative battery series, Switronix is also redefining power distribution and HD Wireless. The all new X-Mod systems feature quick connect/disconnect functionality which allows you to “piggy-back” modules, and transfer power through to the camera. The NEW JetPack X series is a six output power distribution module, now featuring battery backup. “We want to ensure the next key moment, sports play, or historical event is captured, and not missed due to a battery change. The new Jetpack X models are the only product on the market to offer power distribution with battery backup, in a camera mounted form-factor,” explains Ross.

The innovative power product can withstand up to a 200w draw for up to 5 minutes, plenty of time to swap out the depleted camera battery pack. Up until now, only a very few cameras in the marketplace have battery backup, but with the advent of the Jetpack X, this will become a common place addition. The Jetpack X is based on the new X-mod system, allowing the module to mount to any standard v or 3-stud mount hole pattern, along with the ability to be mounted on 15mm rails for smaller or non-ENG cameras.

Also being released at NAB is Switronix’ 2nd Gen Recon HD Wireless system. The Recon X5 HD Wireless transmitter module can operate alone or in conjunction with the Jetpack X, to add battery backup to the module. The Recon X5 offers the ability to transmit HD video to multiple receivers on the fly, at a distance of over 500 feet with a latency of less than one frame, fulfilling all the wants and needs for video professionals.

A graphical user interface on the receiver allows you to not only switch from DFS Auto to select 5Ghz channels, but you can also rename transmitters, receivers, select latency speed, as well as other features. You can also utilize the receiver as a camera feed switch; choosing between all transmitters on set.

With fully uncompressed, high definition images with embedded sound, and the new Mod design, the Recon X5 will prove to outperform all others.

This combination will make you the most powerful crew in the industry!

TorchLED 50 – Next Gen

The new TL-50NXT provides all the great features of the TL-50, but also adds variable color temperature and a 100w output. The TL-50NXT also has a preset button which allows you to recall any light output position simply by holding the button for 3 seconds.

Lumix GH4 compatibility

Switronix has added support for the Panasonic GH4 with the addition of a #PB70-GH4 version to their Powerbase70 product line. A new powertap regulation cable, #XP-DSLR-GH4 has been added as well. The JetPack X Model will be on display in the Panasonic booth powering the GH4.

Stop by the Switronix booth #C10448 at NAB in Las Vegas on April 7-10 to see these new products.

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Xytech Adds Digital Media Asset Management to MediaPulse Using Vidispine Technology

Xytech, the leader in facility management software for the broadcast, production, media services and video transmission industries, announces the release of MetaVault MAM, a complete Media Asset Management (MAM) solution for the MediaPulse platform. Vidispine, creators of the Vidispine rich media solutions middleware system, provides the underlying technology for MetaVault MAM. The new Xytech offering will premiere at the 2014 NAB exhibition in Las Vegas.

MetaVault MAM provides a complete content backbone for the creation and storage of files, proxies, and metadata. The system’s unique adaptor-based architecture enables clients to integrate multiple MetaVault MAMs with third party MAMs to create federated solutions. The MetaVault system also supports all aspects of physical media handling and archiving.In addition, Xytech has added RFID support to provide the most efficient solution available for managing complex media libraries.

Vidispine, based in Stockholm, Sweden, is listed as one of the “Rising Stars” on Deloitte’s Fast 50 list of Swedish technology companies. Vidispine MAM is a content management platform for developers and media professionals. Xytech has embedded the Vidispine system into its MediaPulse platform to add an entirely new range of media creation, management, storage, and processing functions to the system.

Erik Åhlin, CEO of Vidispine, said, “Xytech is clearly in the leadership position for leading facility management with the major studios, television networks, and transmission facilities. Our Vidispine middleware is a natural fit with the capabilities of their popular MetaVault library management module. This combination creates something really amazing: A single system that integrates everything required to manage media libraries containing any type of digital assets, as well as physical tape and film elements.”

Greg Dolan, COO for Xytech, commented, “Vidispine is the perfect partner for us as we add digital asset functionality toMediaPulse. Their MAM engine is simply the most advanced in the world, and just as importantly, Vidispine shares our values of true partnership, innovation and integrity. We’ve already seen huge interest in this new offering from our customers and this will help us provide enterprise-level digital supply chain solutions at a compelling price point.”

Xytech is exhibiting MediaPulse 2014 and their new MetaVault MAM solution at the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) show in Las Vegas from April 7-10 2014, in the South Hall lower level, booth SL2428.

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Digital Vision Extends OEM Partnerships With Marquise Technologies and SGO

Digital Vision is pleased to announce two key OEM partnerships. Marquise Technologies will integrate Digital Vision’s DVO Image Enhancement and Restoration toolsets into MIST, while SGO’s Mistika post-production system will support the stylish Precision control surface made by Digital Vision.

Peter Charles, Director of OEM Sales, Digital Vision says, “A key motivator behind our OEM strategy has always been to make great products better. Working with companies like Marquise and SGO validates that ethos, and we wish them every success.”

The task of content mastering is becoming more complex. It is very common to mix materials (e.g. 35mm scans with RAW data), and each format needs specific corrections or enhancements, such as de-grain, de-noise, re-grain or stabilization. Having the ability to perform those enhancements directly within the mastering station via the DVO tools saves considerable time and increases productivity.

The first DVO tools to be integrated into MIST are DVO Camera and DVO Enhance; they will be available for demonstration at NAB 2014 on Marquise Technologies’ stand, SL12507. The complete package offer will be released after NAB.

The OEM agreement with SGO gives Mistika users an additional option when it comes to choosing the ‘human interface’ to drive Mistika’s powerful color grading feature-set. While Mistika continues to support the Tangent Element panels, those who prefer the efficiency,quality, comfort and stature of a larger integrated control surface now have the option to use the Precision Panel.

The Precision Panel combined with Mistika integration will be available to order in Q3 2014, and a Precision Panel will be on display at SGO’s Booth SL9021 at NAB 2014.

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Sachtler Releases SPEEDLEVEL Clamp

Sachtler, part of Vitec Videocom, a Vitec group company, launches the SPEEDLEVEL Clamp – an innovative new bowl clamp that is the perfect accessory for Sachtler’s renowned range of 100mm heads.

As an industry leader, Sachtler offers premium quality camera support and the unique SPEEDLEVEL Clamp incorporates the company’s SPEEDLEVEL technology making levelling the head faster and more convenient. The innovative product is ideal for those broadcast applications where there is a need to frequently level the head when changing location.

The new SPEEDLEVEL Clamp is the ultimate partner for Sachtler’s 100mm range fluid head, enhancing the functionality and performance and making the levelling process even simpler and quicker.

“Levelling a head on the move is no longer a time wasting task as the new SPEEDLEVEL Clamp allows operators to get the most out of their fluid heads, and will significantly reduce the set up time. Like all of our products, it is built for fast use to allow camera operators to focus on capturing the moment.

“There is nothing else like this on the market, it is a completely new design, and we’re anticipating a high demand from all users of Sachtler 100mm heads,”Barbara Jaumann, Product Manager, Sachtler.

The new SPEEDLEVEL Clamp will make its debut to the industry at this year’s NAB show in Las Vegas, 7April on stand C6025. Visitors will be able to see the product for themselves alongside the exciting launch of Sachtler’s brand new Ace Accessories range.

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Baselight Grades for Dolby Vision at 2014 NAB Show

At 2014 NAB Show, FilmLight will present high dynamic range (HDR) mastering and grading, featuring the new Dolby Vision technology on Baselight’s high-performance color grading system. Visitors to the Dolby Laboratories booth (SU1702) will see demos showing how Baselight can take advantage of Dolby Vision’s true-to-life brightness, colors and contrast to open up remarkable new creative opportunities.

Even though most TV shows and movies are recorded using camera technology that captures the colors and brightness of real life, much of that richness is lost by the time viewers get to watch. This is because current TV and cinema color grading standards are based on the limitations of old technologies and require that the original video content be altered—dramatically reducing the range of colors, brightness and contrast—before it can be reproduced for transmission and playback.

“Our goal was to give creative teams the freedom to use the full gamut of colors, peak brightness and local contrast, with the confidence that those will be reproduced faithfully on televisions that feature Dolby Vision,” said Roland Vlaicu, Senior Director, Broadcast Imaging, Dolby Laboratories. “That’s why we designed it as an end-to-end solution, from content creation to distribution and playback.”

As a result, Baselight colorists can now create outstanding grades, confident that they will be carried faithfully all the way to the viewer. FilmLight is a critical piece of the Dolby Vision ecosystem puzzle, which is already receiving support from A-list Hollywood directors and executives at major studios, TV manufacturers and operators worldwide.

“We have worked very closely with the Dolby engineers on the integration of their technology with Baselight,” said Wolfgang Lempp, CEO and co-founder of FilmLight. “Everyone who has seen it recognizes that this is an exciting opportunity, and I know that the highly creative professionals who rely on Baselight day in, day out will make the most of it.

“Baselight is a highly flexible system, and the comprehensive support for color transforms and different color representation at every step has helped the integration of Dolby Vision, pushing the quality and performance even further,” he added. “I am looking forward to the NAB display where Baselight will be in its element, creating remarkable and pristine images in a perfect environment.”

The HDR grading presentation will take place on the Dolby booth at NAB Show, SU1702. Baselight can also be seen in collaborative presentations with The Foundry (SL6329), Codex (C6048), and Sony (C11001) at NAB.

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Autoscript Announces Launch of WinPlus Remote

Autoscript, part of Vitec Videocom, a Vitec Group company, has announced the launch of WinPlus Remote, an iOS-based teleprompting system that delivers up-to-date scripts to users in the field, anywhere in the world. The technology is also suited to remote news bureaus and smaller newsroom operations.

When WinPlus Remote is installed on a networked PC in the production facility, the latest version of the script can be seen by journalists on location, as well as in the studio. The software enables the script to be automatically uploaded to an FTP site where it can be downloaded onto an iPad by talent in the field and kept constantly updated. WinPlus Remote, developed by market leader Autoscript, works in conjunction with the iOS app, picoPrompt, and is supplied with a hand control.

“There have been iPad prompting apps on the market for some time,” says Robin Brown, product manager, Autoscript. “However, the link to the newsroom has been missing, which effectively means that there is no access to live updated scripts on location. Now, with WinPlus Remote, field talent can quickly and easily download the latest script from the FTP site by simply connecting their iPads to the network.

“This brings both speed and efficiency to remote staff, as well as increased accuracy. Instead of having the director conveying the script changes via an ear piece and a journalist having to manually make the changes, this system allows them to refresh the script with the click of a button. In this way they will always have the latest version of the script on their iPad, allowing them to focus on the task at hand, such as reporting on breaking news.”

The WinPlus Remote system is ideal for use in applications where news is being updated constantly, such as sports reporting. It is also suited for use in locations where a prompting system with full camera unit and software products isn’t available or practical. In addition, WinPlus Remote can be used as an add-on in facilities where other prompting software systems already exist.

“You don’t need to be a current WinPlus user to benefit from WinPlus Remote. If a newsroom is running other prompting software, WinPlus Remote can be used in parallel. It effectively runs in the background and enables technicians to take the same script as their current prompting solution and upload it to the FTP site where the field talent can access it,” says Brown.

The system is therefore also ideal for smaller news operations with limited budgets as it is a cost-effective alternative to a full software system.

WinPlus Remote is being officially launched at NAB in April and will be available from Autoscript, picoPrompt can be downloaded via the Apple App Store.

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Cache-A New Automated Archive Features & NAB 2014 Round-Up News with Images

Cache-A Corporation, manufacturer of award-winning archiving appliances for the media and entertainment industry, will unveil key new features – Workflow Templates and Incremental Archiving – that can be used to automate a range of regular, essential and time-consuming LTO-tape archive tasks, and deliver greater levels of asset protection insurance, during NAB 2014, Las Vegas, at Cache-A Booth #SL9027.

With the new Workflow Templates capability Cache-A users can create, run manually or automate, and schedule a wide range of background archive tasks and routines with a wide range of connected devices. Workflow Templates work with all Cache-A archive appliances with a free software upgrade.

A powerful feature of Workflow Templates is the ability to create Incremental Archives – to set-up regular, automatic LTFS LTO-tape copying of only those files that are new or have changed since the last archive was made.

The main advantage of Incremental Archiving is that fewer files are copied in the period between full archive sessions, which means that less tape is used and archive sessions are shorter. Furthermore, automating regular archive sessions increases peace-of-mind that assets are secure on an on-going basis.

A further advantage of Cache-A Incremental Archiving is when data needs to be restored from LTO-tape. Unlike a traditional back-up, which is typically done in a proprietary format and requires the entire back-up to be restored in its entirety, with Cache-A’s Incremental Archive capability any data can be quickly found and restored on a file-by-file or folder basis and restored to a destination determined by the user. Because this feature leverages LTFS, back-ups can even be recovered on any third party LTFS capable equipment.

To operate Workflow Templates, Cache-A has added a new, easy-to-use, web-based template management feature into the latest software user interface, and will publish a companion set of tutorials and learning tools online.

Cache-A expects to ship the new software features during summer 2014, and will release further product and pricing information at that time.

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RTW Debuts New Masterclass PlugIns Series at 2014 NAB Show

RTW, a leading vendor of visual audio meters and monitoring devices for professional broadcast, production, post production and quality control, is pleased to announce the debut its Masterclass PlugIns range at the 2014 NAB Show (C1246). The new software provides the company’s renowned metering tools as standard-format plug-ins for Windows and Mac OS platforms. The RTW Loudness Tools, scheduled for availability in May, will be the first of the company’s monitoring products available as part of the new range. This will allow a larger number of RTW customers to access its award-winning metering tools.

Each RTW Loudness Tools Masterclass PlugIn visually depicts audio with all relevant level and loudness values as specified by international standards. It conforms to the EBU R128 loudness standard, as well as SPL, ITU-R BS.1770-3/1771-1, ATSC A/85, ARIB, and custom (to set OP-59, AGCOM), making it ideal for audio and video engineers, radio producers and musicians, who are required by TV and radio broadcasters to conform to the standard. It is also a handy tool for quality control, offering the precision and ease of use required to ensure compliance with custom specifications. Operation of the plug-in is highly intuitive, so that even users without a great deal of experience in monitoring loudness can use it effectively.

The RTW Loudness Tools support all standard sampling rates up to 96 kHz and offer plug-in operation in mono, stereo and surround formats (eight channels maximum). The plug-in includes RTW’s Peak Program Meter, TruePeak, and Spot Correlator instruments and also offers all common loudness formats plus MagicLRA and an SPL view.

The user interface of the plug-in is based on the award-winning RTW TouchMonitor TM7 and TM9 units, and offers the same degree of functionality and clarity as the hardware models. The instruments provide graphical/numerical, as well as bargraph views, and can be freely rearranged and scaled. Various function parameters, such as integration time, operational range and tolerance, along with a number of viewing options for metering data and scales, offer extra flexibility. The plug-in window dimensions can be set to the native resolution of RTW TouchMonitor display screens, including 480×272, 800×480, 1024×800 (landscape view) or 272×480, 480×800, 800×1024 (portrait view). Users can store all setups and layouts as presets in their DAWs.

The RTW Loudness Tools Masterclass PlugIns require Windows 7/8 (32-bit or 64-bit) or Mac OS 10.6 or higher. RTW will first make them available in the VST 2.4 format for Windows systems and the RTAS format for Mac OS. VST, RTAS and native AAX64 support on the two platforms will follow. PACE anti-piracy and iLok USB copy-protection dongle are used for handling license management and plug-in activation. On an authorized computer, users can use unlimited RTW Loudness Tools instances.

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