2012 ETE Buzz Report – Show 4 (11/08/12)

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Heather Williams
Global Business Development

Malcolm Mills
Director of Sales

Eddie Barber
Barber Tech
Barber Tech

Tony Davis

2012 ETE Buzz Report – Show 3 (11/08/12)

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Dave Walton
Assistant VP Marketing
JVC Professional

Doug Pircher
General Manager
International Supplies

Richard Schleuning
National Sales Manager
Carl Zeiss

Mas Omae
Director of Sales
Accusys, Inc.

2012 ETE Buzz Report – Show 2 (11/07/12)

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Chad Andrews
Vertical Strategist

Dell is making a concerted push into media production. Chad Andrews, of Dell, joins us to explain why this market is so important to the company and what they are doing to make our lives easier.


Bram Desmet
General Manager
Flanders Scientific

Flanders Scientific makes monitors designed for people that need to see high-quality images on professional monitors without breaking the budget. With a range of monitors, including 3D and full 10-bit image support, Bram Desmet, General Manager of Flanders Scientific, joins us at Entertainment Technology Expo, to tell us more about their latest gear.


Ryan Avery
Sales Manager
Schneider Optics

Schneider makes renowned professional optics and high-quality filters. Century lenses, adapters, filters — everything the professional cinematographer needs. Ryan Avery, Sales Manager for Schneider Optics, joins us at Entertainment Technology Expo 2012, to show us their latest products.


Lewis Gerr
Western Regional Sales Manager
Azden Corporation

For more than 30 years Azden manufactures professional quality audio products — mixers, shotgun mics, and wireless audio — all at affordable prices. Lewis Gerr, Western Regional Sales Manager for Azden, joins us at ETE 2012 to explain their latest range of audio gear.

2012 ETE Buzz Report – Show 1 (11/07/12)

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Mark Anderson
Account Executive

Live from the Entertainment Technology Expo, we talk with Mark Anderson, Account Executive for G-Technology about their new line of drives specifically designed for media creators, as well as their recent “Driven Creativity” contest. Why did they do it and who won?

Jose Larios
Sales and Marketing
Libec Sales of America

Libec provides professional award-winning, user-friendly tripods, camera heads, and a wide variety of other camera gear. Jose Larios, Director of Sales and Marketing for Libec, stops by our booth at the Entertainment Technology Expo to showcase new equipment for the filmmaker.

Greg LaPorte
VP Sales and Marketing
Sonnet Technologies

Sonnet makes leading-edge storage systems, high-speed media readers, and Thunderbolt expansion products for production and post-production. Greg LaPorte visits our booth at the Entertainment Technology Expo in Burbank, CA, to tell us about some of their latest Thunderbolt products.

Timothy Decker
Director of Marketing and Advertising
Alan Gordon Enterprises

For 65 years, Alan Gordon Enterprises has made the Academy-Award-winning Director’s Viewfinder. Their current version is Mark Vb. We decided that the best way to show a viewfinder is to describe it on radio, so Timothy Decker, Director of Marketing and Advertising for Alan Gordon, stops by to give us the details.

Digital Production Buzz – Live from DV Expo 2011

Digital Video Expo 2011 provides the chance to “Be Inspired!” And The Digital Production BuZZ takes you right to the heart of the action with interviews and inside insight from the leaders in our industry as the Official Podcast of Digital Video Expo 2011!

Digital Video Expo, at the Pasadena, California, Convention Center, September 20 to 22, brings content creation professionals together with all the latest technologies. This is a chance to connect with others in the field with networking, events, and more in-depth training than ever before.

Join The BuZZ in Booth 129 – share your thoughts on where the industry is heading. Then, listen to two shows recorded live at the Expo on Thursday, Sept. 22 and Thursday, Sept. 29.

Listen to our Pre-Show Interviews — we add more every week between now and the Expo itself.

Interviews you won’t hear anywhere else!

D P Buzz – Digital Video Expo – Day 4

The Expo Concludes

The show floor at Digital Video Expo 2010 has closed and the vendors have gone home, but we had so many great interviews that we wante dto share the rest of them with you.

Join host Larry Jordan, live from our booth on the show floor, as he talks with:

  • Tom Coughlin, president of Tom Coughlin & Associates, is a consultant and analyst covering storage media. Recently, with the advent of 3D and higher image resolutions, file storage for media has moved from gigabytes to terabytes and now, PETAbytes! Where are we gonna put all this stuff? Tom will explain.
  • Richard Schleuning, national sales manager for Carl Zeiss, knows camera lenses. Today, he joins us to discuss the differences between prime and zoom lenses, and how to decide which is right for your.
  • Rod Clark, director of marketing for Teradek, has an amazing new box that allows you to wirelessly stream signals from your video camera anywhere in the world. Imagine having your producers track your production FAR from the studio floor!
  • Scott Kase, director of marketing for UsedAV.com, helps us sell our used gear. In fact, they can either buy your gear, or help you sell it directly — all for a VERY reasonable fee.
  • Jeff Stansfield, CEO of Advantage Video Systems, is a system integrator who can help make sure the gear you buy is properly hooked up and functioning.
  • Jehu Garcia, CEO of JAG35, was a starving filmmaker just a few years ago. He never forgot how unaffordable a lot of camera gear is, so he created a company that specializes in high-quality, low-cost gear for the student and independent filmmaker.
  • Vic Anthony, CEO of Affordable Sound Stages, stops by to share his thoughts on what producers need to know to rent stages for their productions.
  • Rachel Kenton, sales associate for Zacuto, explains the newest products for camera support from Zacuto.

These Digital Video Expo Special Reports are sponsored by Data Robotics, makers of Drobo, and we are grateful!

D P Buzz – Digital Video Expo – Day 3

The Expo Continues

The show floor at Digital Video Expo 2010 has closed and the vendors have gone home, but we still have LOTS of interviews to share with you.

Join host Larry Jordan, live from our booth on the show floor, as he talks with:

  • Sonali Perera, vp of marketing, and Ryan Stickley, director of marketing, for the Independent Filmmakers Alliance. This group of over 75,000 members exists to help filmmakers around the world find the resources they need for their productions.
  • Patrick Sculley, chief technology officer for PixelFlow, explains how their cloud-based video production service can save time and improve communications during production.
  • Bruce Nazarian, The Digital Guy, is a regular on The Buzz. He shares his opinions on new trends in technology and the relevance of trade shows in the world of the internet.
  • Chris Bone is the chief technology officer for VTP which provides sales, support, and training on high-end video and audio software and hardware. He discusses the role of manufacturer’s reps in rolling out new products.
  • Jay Holben, CEO for Filmmaker in a Box, just completed a 17 hour documentary on the making of a feature film. Why? Because he wants to use it as a case study to train future filmmakers.
  • Alex Baghdasaryan, CEO of IIG, provides a software system for equipment rental houses that he is bringing to the media community.
  • Brian Dickman, vp of sales and marketing for Smartsound Software, discusses the challenges of working with music, along with the latest updates to their renowned SonicFire Pro software.
  • Van Tucker, CEO of DV Culture, looks at the culture created by digital media. He began his website a few months ago and aggressively markets it through social media. We talk with him about what works and what doesn’t.

These Digital Video Expo special reports are sponsored by Data Robotics, makers of Drobo, and we are grateful!

D P Buzz – Digital Video Expo – Day 2

4+ Hours of Special Coverage from DV Expo

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As the Official Podcast of Digital Video Expo 2010, we are in Pasadena, California, this week covering the latest news from our industry. We are live from the show floor with a wide variety of interviews. You can here them all at www.dvexpobuzz.com. However, for this week’s regular Buzz, we are putting together the highlights from all our interviews this week. We don’t have the entire show booked because we want to leave room for several surprise guests. Plus, we are changing our regular format in order to squeeze in more guests and hot news.

Jan Crittenden-Livingston, Product Line Business Manager, Panasonic

Last week, Jan Crittenden-Livingston, Product Line Business Manager for Panasonic, spoke with us by phone about their new 3D camera. This week, she joins us in our DV Expo broadcast booth to showcase their new DSLR-killer camera the AG-AF100. Priced about the same as a DSLR, with interchangeable lenses and a 4/3 inch sensor, but designed specifically for video, is this new camera a game-changer? We want to talk with Jan to find out.

Ned Soltz, Contributing Editor, DV Magazine

We spotted Ned Soltz, contributing editor for DV Magazine, wandering the halls the day before the trade show floor opened. We cornered him to ask his thoughts on the significance of Panasonic’s new camera, as well as other new trends we need to keep our eyes on.

Bruce Master, Senior Product Manager, Tape Storage Products, IBM

A while back, HP, IBM, and Quantum, formed a new company called Ultrium LTO. This new company developed the specs for LTO tape drives. Recently, the consortium released the specs for LTO-5 – targeted directly at media producers. In this interview, Bruce Master, Senior Product Manager for Tape Storage Products for IBM, describes this new technology – which is now available in shipping products. Tape drives as easy to access as a hard disk or DVD, with tremendous storage capacity, and seriously fast data transfer speeds. Amazing, but true!

Surprise Guests at DV Expo – Hot News About Cool Products!
We have lots more interviews planned — live from DV Expo. In-depth conversations, breaking news, and cool new products you need to know about. We’d tell you what they were, but we’re still roaming the trade show floor looking for all the cool stuff. Tune in to this week’s show and find out for yourself!

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