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Voice of SXSW 2012

South by Southwest is where ideas go to find money. In this montage of interviews, we spoke with both new and old companies about who they are and why they were at South by Southwest this year. Listen to: Nate Cooper, Nick Blake, Dan Gustavson, Lisa Joy Rosner, Justin Brown, and Brad Graeber.

Sean Safreed
Co-Owner/Director of Product Management
Red Giant

Red Giant is making a transition from being solely a plug-in software developer into creating creative communities. Sean Safreed is the Director of Product Management at Red Giant and is traveling to SXSW in Austin, Texas, next week to talk about video production using the iPhone. We want to ask: “WHY??”

Michael Daoud

Like all great ideas, it started on vacation. Michael Daoud was trying to take a photo with his iPhone – and realized he couldn’t. From that initial frustration, Michael founded XShot and a whole new line of photo accessories for the iPhone was born. He joins us tonight to explain what they are and how they work.

Lisa Joy Rosner
Chief Marketing Officer

Lisa Joy Rosner, Chief Marketing Officer at NetBase shares information about their new product called Insight Composer which monitors and analyzes what is being said about a brand, topic or film over social media sites.

Ian Brown
Director, Demand Generation

Ian Brown, Director and Marketing Manager of Demand Generation at Mashery, explains how Mashery is assisting other companies with managing their API (Application Programming Interface) strategy and programs via marketing, analytics and security. Ian is currently at SXSW in order to provide their customers an opportunity to showcase how they are using API and Mashery’s services in their companies.

Justin Brown
Business Lead

Big Marker creates on-line communities and improves collaboration at less cost than the competition and greater flexibility, as Justin Brown explains.

Dan Gustafson
Marketing Director

Dan Gustafson is the Marketing Director for NextEngine, a Santa Monica, CA, company that manufactures a 3D scanner which allows capturing of physical objects and turns them into digital mesh models. Dan describes how these digital models can then be used in various industries such as engineering and manufacturing as well as filmmaking, animation, and post-production.

Nate Cooper
Pedestrian Consulting/Happstr

Nate Cooper, a private tech consultant and independent academic with a degree in filmmaking, was a participant in the 2012, 3-day StartupBus entrepreneurial competition at SXSW. Determined to pitch the happiest app on earth – HAPPSTR, Nate made it to the grand finals in Austin, TX, and created an instant global following.

Chris Pitre
Executive Director, Social Media and Innovation

Idea is a full-service design and development agency that helps companies solve problems with infrastructure, application services, customer support, mobile communications, and digital strategy.

Dana Tower
Chief Operating Officer

Pond5, a digital media marketplace, is a leading source for buyers and sellers of stock media and is currently close to reaching a million video clips on their website. Dana Tower, the Chief Operating Officer for Pond5, is at SXSW in order to outreach and meet up with different digital media and startup companies.

Mike Diaz
Admissions Counselor
New York Film Academy

Mike Diaz an Admissions Counselor at the New York Film Academy, is at SXSW in order to represent the school and run several workshops. He explains that the New York Film Academy, located in New York, Los Angeles, and Abu Dhabi, runs forty different programs.

Brad Graeber
CEO and Co-founder
Powerhouse Animation

Brad Graeber, CEO and Co-founder of Powerhouse Animation, explains that his Austin-based company is a creative service agency which provides 2-D animation services to videogame developers, advertising agencies, and the film and tv markets.

Andrew Hamra

Andrew Hamra, Creator and CEO of Runnur, discusses the use of his product called Runnur, which is a type of production gear that acts as a messenger bag, and is currently used by 630 staff members of the SXSW production team.

Doug Michael
Spindi Music

Doug Michael, the CEO and Founder of Spindi Music explains provides us insight into his Music Company which helps artists increase their fanbase and sales and also assists them with getting their songs placed in tv and film.

Josiah Hultgren
New Media Marketing

Maxon is one of the many companies attending South by Southwest 2012 this year. Josiah Hultgren is their new media marketing manager and we talk with him about the kinds of people that attend SXSW and what different about this year’s show.

Viktor Marohnić

Viktor Marohnić, the CEO of ShoutEm, explains the value of using his app development company which creates cost-effective native mobile apps for the iPhone, iPad, and Android platforms.

Marcus LeGall
VP of Entertainment and Strategic Alliances

Marcus LeGall of Qubeey describes his company’s beta product which is a desktop communications platform that allows users to access YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook in one location.

Mike Damanskis and Mark Kienlen
Associate Producer & Head of Production and Distribution
The Second City Network

Mike Damanskis and Mark Kienlen are the Director and Producers of “Cherry on Top”, a comedy short/sketch about Groupon, which showed this year at the SXSW festival. It was created by The Second City Network, as part of the 50 year old Improv Theatre, The Second City, based out of Chicago. This is Second City Network’s second year of showing at the festival.

Alex Dobrenko
Promoter for Outreach/Event Coordination

Imagine choosing the films you want to screen at your local movie theatre. Well, this is exactly what the new startup company called Tugg, does. Alex Dobrenko, Promoter of Outreach/Event Coordination at Tugg, shares how this works, not only at SXSW but in your own communities.

Brandon Jay and Tavares Robinsongreen
Co-Founder/VP of Marketing and PR & CEO

Brandon Jay and Tavares Robinsongreen of Moofaces share information about their online company which aims at helping individuals in the creative arts, connect with each other based on their professions and interests. In addition, their website provides an online directory which allows individuals to build networks and search for jobs.

Susie Hall
Vitamin T

Susie Hall, President of Vitamin Talent, is at SXSW in order to spread the word about their company. As a talent agency for digital creatives, they both represent designers, developers, and copywriters as well as source those creatives to ad agencies and mid-size companies.

Collin Young
Director of Distribution
The Connextion

Collin Young is the Director of Distribution at The Connextion, which is a “One-Stop Distribution Solution” for artists. He explains that his company not only builds fully-customized store-fronts, but also is a digital distributor of films, music, and books. In addition, they have launched a new feature that allows filmmakers to create viewing rooms with imbeddable players that allow streaming of their movies for a fee.