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Discover Maximum Ergonomics With Chrosziel’s New MagNum LCS Kits

Chrosziel‘s new wirelss lens control system, launched in September, proved to be a smashing success at this year‘s IBC in Amsterdam. Visitors of the Chrosziel booth marvelled at MagNum‘s unique combination of ergonomics, reliability and precision.

MagNum is available in three versions:

  • MN-100 Single Channel is the basic remote focus.
  • MN-200 MagNum Extendable adds an upgrade option for a second channel to also control iris.
  • MN-300 MagNum is the full-blown two-channel-version for controlling focus and iris.

Shipping for the full two-channel MagNum starts in November 2013. Single Channel and Extendable versions will follow in January.

Chrosziel also offers MagNum kits for the one-channel and two-channel versions. They offer a significant price advantage over purchasing each component separately.

They contain all the equipment you need in order to remote control a lens: One motor per channel with gears of all pitches. A clamp holder for 15 and 19 mm rods. All necessary motor cables, a power cable with D-Tap plug, and a sturdy hard case with foam inserts for safe transport of the MagNum kit.

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AmberFin Announces New Transcode Farm Controller & Network Licence Server for iCR

At IBC 2013, on stand 7.H39, AmberFin, a leading developer of file-based media ingest, transcoding and quality control solutions for content owners, broadcasters, sports organizations and post-production houses will showcase new enterprise-class features for iCR, the company’s file-based content ingest and transcoding system.

Making its worldwide debut at IBC, the new iCR Transcode Farm Controller functionality builds on AmberFin’s market leading multi-format transcode capabilities. It significantly increases the flexibility and versatility of a multi-node transcode environment, bringing improved resilience and robustness whilst simultaneously bringing cost savings through more versatile network licensing capabilities.

The iCR platform makes intelligent use of a media facility’s resources, while making complicated workflows simple to operate for the end user. Visitors to the AmberFin stand will see how the iCR platform’s enterprise class features can increase efficiency and profitability throughout a media facility’s operation.

Transcode Farm Controller

In today’s increasingly file-based media workflows, file transcode operations have assumed critical importance. With media facilities both receiving and distributing content as media files, an efficient Transcode Farm Controller is essential. With the new iCR Transcode Farm Controller the transcode segment of the workflow is scalable, provides an appropriate level of redundancy to suit a specific application and enables a combination of high throughput and advanced system functionality.

The new iCR Transcode Farm Controller works by providing a single, reliable, redundant interface to the iCR Transcode capabilities. Jobs are sent to the iCR Controller and behind the scenes the system architecture is sized to achieve the required levels of redundancy and throughput required by that particular application. By combining the Farm Controller with AmberFin’s Network Licensing Server an even larger scale model can be created with pools of transcode nodes that can dynamically float across the underlying server hardware and no longer require fixed node-to-server relationships. This achieves even greater levels of redundancy and operational efficiency over a large-scale transcode network through efficient use of available hardware nodes, irrespective of node fall out at any given time.

The combination of the Transcode Farm Controller and Network License Server adds a third dimension in terms of enhanced network functionality. It provides floating software licenses for occasional functions, such as standards conversion, captioning, Dolby, audio processing and watermarking.

Network License Server makes European debut at IBC

First introduced at NAB this year and making its European debut at IBC, AmberFin iCR’s Network License Server enables facilities to use the same technology in both a single standalone Desktop PC running as the proof of concept as well as in a network of 100 or more servers / blades / VMs. Furthermore, each iCR node contains all the software required to implement the four main functions of media ingest, file transcode, playback and quality control. The license defines the functionality of a specific node at a specific time.

Another key feature of the Network License Server is its ability to ensure that a user’s full capacity is always on-line. For example, if one transcoder node encounters problems, the Farm Controller will seamlessly swap the required iCR operations to a back-up node and the Network License Server will ensure it is able to carry on. It is easy to tie together job queues and the Network License Server so that the network administrator is able to gauge how many jobs were delayed based on the licensing options available within the group. This feedback gives key capacity information to administrators, allowing them to manage both costs and capacity.

At IBC, AmberFin iCR also introduces new and sophisticated tools for adding, checking and inserting a user’s customer metadata through configuration and without requiring costly code customization. The iCR metadata plug-in wizard allows users to configure the metadata they need for their organization in such a way that ingest and QC operators can automatically update and validate this information as part of a QC workflow. This metadata can then be used to control segmentation workflows, versioning workflows and in simple wizards to perform the right process with the right media and right metadata at the right time.

For more information, please download the AmberFin white paper “Enterprise Level File-Based Workflows: Merging Technology with Sound Business Sense”.

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Telestream Initiates Open Source x265/HEVC Project

Telestream, the leading provider of digital media tools and workflow solutions, has announced the public availability of an open source H.265 (HEVC) encoder. The new x265 project is aimed at the creation of the world’s most efficient, highest quality H.265 codec. Conceived by Telestream, the x265 project was co-founded and is being managed by the company’s development partner, MulticoreWare Inc. The H.265 initiative is being introduced under both an open source and commercial license model.

Interested individuals and companies are encouraged to contribute to the project and are invited to learn more at As an open source project, access is free under GNU LGPL licensing, and commercial licenses are available for companies wishing to use the resulting implementation in their products.

Telestream will demonstrate HEVC transcoding at the International Broadcasters Convention (IBC) in Amsterdam, September 13-17 in stand 7.C12.

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Rotolight Expands ANOVA Product Range at IBC 2013

Following the successful launch of the award winning ANOVA LED Floodlight last year, IBC 2013 sees Rotolight proudly release the Version 2 ANOVA EcoFlood (Bi-Colour LED system) featuring enhanced Colour rendering and brighter output performance. Rotolight are also delighted to announce a massive expansion to the ANOVA family of products, including the ANOVA SOLO Single Colour Flood lights available in 5600K (Daylight) or 3200K (Tungsten). The complete range of new ANOVA products is available in either ‘UltraWide’ 110 degree beam angle for a beautiful soft light or ‘Standard’ 50 Degree beam angle for greater straight line output. All ANOVA models in the range are Totally Flicker Free and thanks to the latest LED technology, deliver ‘best in class’ Color Rendering with enhanced output (R15 ‘skin tone’ CRI = 98). The ANOVA family is also the most Eco-Friendly system on the market delivering 1000 Watt tungsten equivalent output for just 38-Watt consumption. All ANOVA lights can be controlled by DMX or via WiFi from the Rotolight ‘Magic Eye HD’ App for iPhone or iPad, the worlds most advanced Lighting controller APP.

Rotolight have developed a new LED system for the V2 ANOVA’s that gives ‘best in class’ color rendition and enhanced output and are ideal for fixed studio installs or ENG. The Bi-Color ANOVA is electronically color adjustable from 3150K up to 6300K and can accurately reproduce any color of white light. All the ANOVA EcoFlood lights produce that signature ‘Ringlight’ / Soft Light effect and are perfect for Portrait lighting and interviews.

Power consumption is an astonishingly low 38 Watts at full output (1000 Watt tungsten equivalent), so each ANOVA light can be powered by a standard V-Lock or Gold Mount battery for up to 4 hours making them ideal for location or ENG operation.

Rotolight’s products have recently been used on James Bond Skyfall, Tom Hanks latest film Captain Philips (Oct 2013 release) and Prime Time TV shows such as; BBC – The Great British Sewing Bee, ITV – Your Face Sounds Familiar, F1- Autosport Awards.

Rotolight Anova Upgrade Programme

To reward existing customers, Rotoilght are delighted to announce that existing ANOVA owners can take advantage of a generous upgrade or cross-grade offer, where they can update their ANOVA (V1) to any V2 model in the range with choice of beam angle. To take advantage of the latest LED technology this offer will be available until December 31st 2013 (*terms and conditions apply).

The new ANOVA LED EcoFlood range will comprise the following models:

  • ANOVA V2 BiColour EcoFlood Standard (50 Degree)
  • ANOVA V2 BiColour EcoFlood UltraWide (110 Degree)
  • ANOVA SOLO 5600 EcoFlood Standard (50 Degree)
  • ANOVA SOLO 5600 EcoFlood UltraWide (110 Degree)
  • ANOVA SOLO 3200 EcoFlood Standard (50 Degree)
  • ANOVA SOLO 3200 EcoFlood UltraWide (110 Degree)

Magic Eye APP wins Cinegear Technical Award :

Rotolight, have been awarded the prestigious ‘Cinegear 2013 Technical Award’ for the latest upgrade of the Rotolight Magic Eye iPhone/iPad app. The Cinegear Expo Technical Awards are presented to the best debuting products unveiled in 2013 selected by a panel of highly experienced industry experts who specialize in the latest Broadcast, Cinematography and motion picture technology, including; members of the American Society of Cinematographers (ASC), Peter Anderson – Cinematographer and Visual Effects artist for cult features such as Tron, Close encounters of the third Kind, Battlestar Galactica, and Godzilla. It was also judged by Chief lighting gaffer Dwight Campbell who has worked on Alien 3, The Fighter, and About Schmidt.

The Magic Eye App by Rotolight is a creative lighting control Application for the ANOVA LED Flood light that provides a simple ‘DMX Console’ user interface and advanced feature set enabling wireless remote control of brightness, colour temperature and systems settings via iPhone or iPad devices. The ‘Magic Eye HD’ lighting controller APP has also recently been updated to version 2.1 for the iPad and will control up to 256 ANOVA’s wirelessly, giving filmmakers a powerful yet incredibly compact mobile lighting control system for location shoots.

Rotolight ANOVA was also recently honoured by CINEC Grand Jury Special Award for Technical Achievement and Innovation 2012/2013 and the BKSTS Special Award for Technical and Scientific Achievement 2013.

Rotolight ANOVA 6kW ʻRotoFloodʼ Light Ring :

The ANOVA’s can be joined together to form large panels of light or large light-rings and Rotolight are showing for the first time in Europe the 6kW RotoFlood Ring, which comprises 6 ANOVA EcoFlood Llights, in a ring with a central aperture for a camera system to shoot through. This is the world’s most powerful LED softlight ring, and 19mm Railmount brackets are available to allow the 6kW rig to be mounted together with any Motion Picture Camera on a 360degree pan and tilt tripod system or camera mount. The Rotolight 6kW RingFlood system is the world’s most powerful LED ’round the lens’ Soft Light, and the totally flicker free output makes it ideal for super Slow-Mo Cinematography.

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EditShare Unveils Advanced Media Asset Management Capabilities at IBC2013

EditShare, the technology leader in shared media storage and end-to-end tapeless workflow solutions, is showcasing new releases of the company’s high-performance shared storage, ingest, media asset management, playout, archiving and backup, and video editing solutions for production and broadcast at the IBC2013 Exhibition held in Amsterdam, Netherlands from September 13 through 17 in hall 7 on stand B26.

Attendees to the exhibition can see the following groundbreaking new EditShare products and capabilities during IBC:

  • New EditShare Flow media asset management version 3
  • AirFlow, the new web browser-based application for remote access to EditShare Flow media asset management
  • New Flow Automation, which provides intelligent workflow automation and efficiency
  • EditShare XStream, Energy and Field 2 shared storage systems running version 7 with a sleek new interface and OS
  • EditShare Field 2 portable shared storage for “on-the-go” collaborative editing with integrated media asset management capabilities
  • New 10GBaseT Support, which provides economical 10-Gigabit Ethernet connectivity over standard CAT 6A copper cables
  • New Geevs Sports, a production server tailored to the unique needs of fast-paced, multi-channel sports coverage
  • Geevs Post, a compact, scalable, multi-purpose ingest and playout solution designed specifically for the post-production industry
  • EditShare Ark expanded tape library options
  • Lightworks Pro video editing software running on Windows and Linux with a preview of Lightworks Pro on Mac OS X
  • Horizon, EditShare’s new cloud-based health monitoring solution


About the EditShare Tapeless Workflow

EditShare seamlessly integrates high-performance shared storage solutions (XStream, Energy and Field) with video ingest (Geevs and Flow), media asset management (Flow), and archive and backup (Ark) to offer broadcast and post-production professionals a productivity-enhancing, tapeless workflow on a highly scalable infrastructure.

Designed to maximize collaboration, EditShare solutions integrate with industry standard third-party systems such as MOS-compliant newsroom computer systems, graphics and NLE applications, and sports production equipment.


New Flow 3 with AirFlow and Flow Automation

In this new version, to be released later this year, AirFlow and Flow Automation join the already popular Flow Browse, Flow Logger and Flow Ingest tools.

AirFlow is the new web browser-based connection to the powerful Flow media asset management system. It allows users to remotely access Flow for browsing, tagging and organizing media assets that live on EditShare’s shared storage, archiving and backup platforms.

Flow Automation provides new indispensable tools for setting up automated tasks such as transcoding and moving files across EditShare shared storage and archive systems based on easy-to-configure, rules-driven templates.

Other enhancements in Flow 3 include more powerful video editing and trimming; a new customizable user interface that gives users greater flexibility in arranging panes to maximize productivity; and support for non-video assets such as audio files, still images and documents.

EditShare Shared Storage Version 7

Version 7 operates on the world’s highest-performance Linux OS and sports a totally new and intuitive EditShare Connect interface. New features include “Project Profiles” (the ability to remember which spaces need to be mounted for different projects); a system status indicator, and localization support for virtually any language.

EditShare Field 2 — Portable Shared Storage

Field 2 is EditShare’s all-new, quiet, portable shared storage solution with integrated Flow media asset management and file ingest. The turnkey platform includes file ingest, advanced project sharing/bin locking, and archiving capabilities in an all-in-one, high-performance, rugged chassis. Ideal for on-location shoots, ENG trucks and remote offices, the new Field 2 is durable, light and compact, meeting the most stringent airline carry-on regulations.

New Connectivity Options

10GBaseT — economical 10-Gigabit connectivity over standard CAT 6A copper cables — is the latest wave in Ethernet technology. EditShare offers multiple switch options, including an EditShare-customized version of Arista’s groundbreaking 52-port 10-Gigabit switches. A user-friendly interface is designed into the switch with simple management features that customers have come to expect from EditShare products.

New Geevs Sports Server

A comprehensive sports production solution based on the new Geevs v6.6 architecture, Geevs Sports includes the Geevs Sports Replay multi-channel HD server, an integrated Multiviewer, a tactile Controller that facilitates fast playlist creation and instant replay from any camera angle with dynamic slow motion control, and the Geevs Sports Assistant web client for logging events with pre-defined markers and subclips. Competitively priced, Geevs Sports integrates with EditShare’s storage and Flow media asset management solutions, making it a complete sports production platform for broadcasters, outside broadcast companies (OBs), and in-stadium television producers.

New Geevs Post Server

Geevs Post is a scalable, compact, multi-purpose ingest and playout solution designed for post production. It integrates seamlessly with EditShare’s central storage and Flow media asset management, offering full integration with Flow projects. Sequences can be created in Post and edited in Flow, or vice-versa. Geevs Post is based on the new Geevs v6.6 release, which features live video for channel previews, expanded codec and frame rate support, real-time up and down conversion, Active Format Description for aspect ratio and active picture characteristics, and Geevs Scheduler, an intuitive web-based client for scheduling recordings.

EditShare Ark Tape — Expanded Tape Library Options

EditShare Ark Tape is an energy-efficient media backup and archiving solution that fully integrates with the company’s high-performance shared storage and asset management solutions. Powered by HP’s robust LTO technology, the new Ark Tape library options are available today in 24-, 48-, 72- and 96-slot configurations, supporting LTO-6 or LTO-5 tape drives with SAS or Fibre Channel connectivity.

Lightworks Pro — Now Available for Linux; Support for Mac OS X Coming Soon

EditShare will demonstrate its newly released version of Lightworks Pro running on Linux. The company will also give a preview of Lightworks Pro for Mac OS X. Providing support for Windows and Linux, and soon Mac OS X, Lightworks aims to be the first NLE to be truly cross-platform across all major operating systems. It continues to attract a growing user base with more than 600,000 registered users.

EditShare Horizon Cloud-Based Enterprise Support

Horizon, EditShare’s new enterprise monitoring solution, tracks the health of your entire workflow. It monitors all systems in the production and post-production chain, providing information to optimize the performance of your EditShare servers.

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XenData and axle Video To Provide Affordable, Easy To Use Digital Video Archive Solutions

XenData, the leading provider of LTO archive solutions to the media and entertainment industry, has announced that axle Video’s Gear appliance now supports its SX-10 and SX-520 Series of video archive solutions. This combined offering will provide customers with a complementary archive system that enables users to easily search, annotate, review and approve their media files across several tiers of storage.

axle Video’s software treats XenData archives as a standard network volume, allowing the user to move media to and from LTO cartridges. In addition, users can collaborate on files located in the XenData archives via proxy workflows and axle Gear’s browser interface. This configuration makes the entire contents of the LTO archive searchable from any PC, Mac or iPad, and allows users to contribute shot selects, annotations and metadata for those media, creating a radically simple process. Users do not need direct or real-time access to the high-resolution video files, which can be migrated off to any tier of storage connected to the axle system.

The XenData archive writes all files to LTO cartridges using the open standard LTFS or TAR format, allowing files to be restored for decades to come. Furthermore, there is no special integration needed as both the axle and XenData technologies are built to work with standard file systems. Both the high speed work-in-progress storage and volumes controlled by the XenData archive appear as folders in the file system, and assets are moved freely between these folders.

XenData and axle Video combined solutions are available immediately. They will be demonstrated at IBC, September 12-17, 2013 in Amsterdam on the XenData booth 7-H47, and the axle booth, 7-D07.

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Cinedeck Targets Tapedeck Replacement, Media Ingest & Archive at IBC 2013

Cinedeck LLC, pioneering developer of capture systems for digital cinema, broadcast and post production, will showcase the multi-faceted capabilities of its product line as direct, cost-effective VTR deck replacements, plug-and-play ingest servers for broadcast, and in archive remastering operations, at IBC 2013, Amsterdam, 13-17 September (Hall10.F39).

Cinedeck RX3G and MX recorders continue to grow in popularity in digital cinema, live, OB and studio production, delivering 2D/3D, 444, Dual-Link, 60P, single/multi-cam recording. Now, brand new Playlisting and RS-422 deck control features, underpinned by an unrivalled range of codecs, realtime multi-format playback and advanced operational toolsets, allow the RX and MX to also undertake a wide range of everyday non-linear editorial, telecine transfer, duplication, archive remastering and post production operations. These leading-edge features also support the RX3G and MX as ideal alternatives to more expensive file-based media ingest servers in broadcasting environments.

Cinedeck MX and RX both create ready-to-edit files in realtime, eliminating time-consuming ingest/transcode processes and enabling fast gateways from production-to-post. Along with small form factors, they also feature Cinedeck’s renowned intuitive touchscreen interface, reducing training time and speeding deployment. Both systems record master and proxy codecs to redundant file destinations, including internal SSDs, local attached storage and network storage (SAN/NAS), creating production and back-up files simultaneously.

Additional features including color LUT import, Segment Record, enhanced Burn-in options, Closed Caption support, H.264 Streaming, and Extended Encoder Audio Support put Cinedecks on an entirely different level compared to other ingest and recording solutions.

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Autodesk Flame 20th Anniversary Edition Is Released

Autodesk has released the Flame 20th Anniversary Edition., a major redesign of its premier VFX software. Announced at this year’s International Broadcasting Convention 2012 (IBC), the new software is part of Autodesk Flame Premium 2013. The suite integrates visual effects, editorial and real-time color grading, streamlines complex tasks, improves speed and features a new creative workspace, top-level editorial timeline integration and an enhanced GPU pipeline.

Software Updates Include:

  • New creative workspace: Essential post-production tools are now closely linked in unified creative environment. The new software features one-click access to main finishing tasks and creative tools.
  • Integrated Editorial and Effects Timeline: The timeline is now available at the top level of the application, allowing artists to more easily accomplish editorial tasks and move effortlessly between creative and editorial tools.
  • Enhanced GPU Pipeline: A re-engineered GPU/CPU processing pipeline for faster compositing and visual effects development in Batch and Action.

The 20th Anniversary edition and extension releases are now available exclusively to Autodesk Subscription customers. To view the full product details, subscription benefits and video tutorials, visit the Flame Premium product center, join the Flame Community on AREA or friend us on our Facebook page.

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Boris FX Announces Final Effects Complete 7 AE at IBC 2012

Boris FX, the leading developer of integrated VFX and workflow technology for video and film, has announced Final Effects Complete Complete 7 AE (FEC 7 AE). Featuring 3D particle effects, a complete range of auto-animating transitions, and unique text and edge treatments, Final Effects Complete AE brings over 120 designer effects and transitions to Macintosh and Windows versions of Adobe After Effects and Premiere Pro CS6, CS5.5, CS5, and CS4. The new Version 7 release features 32-bit float support, integration with After Effects mask path controls, new Beat Reactor integration for Adobe Premiere Pro, and 10 new filters and transitions.

Final Effects Complete 7 AE New Feature Highlights

  • 32-Bit Float Precision Color Rendering will be supported, offering even smoother blurs, transitions, and other effects while providing the highest quality final image.
  • After Effects Mask Path Integration. FEC’s Glue Gun, Mr. Mercury, Hair, Glass, and Ball Action filters will be able to follow After Effects mask paths, facilitating creation of “write-on”-style effects.
  • Beat Reactor Technology will be available for Adobe Premiere Pro in addition to Adobe After Effects. Built into many FEC AE filters, Beat Reactor makes it easy to generate audio-driven effects.
  • FEC Difference Blend is a new filter that replaces the pixels in the bottom layer of video with the corresponding pixels in the top layer of video, giving the appearance that the top image was painted over the bottom image.
  • New Transitions include Difference Blend Wipe, Glow Dissolve, Spiral Blur Dissolve, Toner Dissolve, Threshold Dissolve, Threshold RGB Dissolve, Turbulence Dissolve, Vector Blur Dissolve, and Water Waves Dissolve.


Final Effects Complete 7 AE will be available in Q4 2012 and owners of previous versions of Final Effects Complete AE will be able to upgrade. A free 14-day trial version will be available from the Boris FX website.

Final Effects Complete 7 AVX for Avid editing systems will follow the Final Effects Complete 7 AE release in Q4 2012.

Boris FX will demonstrate Final Effects Complete at the 2012 IBC Exhibition on stand 7.G44.

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NewTek Showcases Significantly Expanded TriCaster Family

NewTek has announced that for the first time the company is presenting its full line of new TriCaster multi-camera video production solutions. It is now possible for anyone to create professional, network-style TV programs, and broadcast, stream, publish, project and record―simultaneously. NewTek will showcase the entire TriCaster family—TriCaster 40, TriCaster 455, TriCaster 855 and TriCaster 8000—which together, comprise the most complete, multi-camera video production systems on the market.

TriCaster provides people with real-time television creation capabilities for delivery to broadcast, Web, and projectors. The TriCaster line is designed to meet the demands of the entire spectrum of video producers who want to produce and deliver live events to a global audience—from bloggers, schools and small businesses, to broadcast networks, large media publishers and major event producers. With the recent introduction of TriCaster 40, NewTek now offers a TriCaster that fills the live production and streaming needs for virtually anyone, regardless of the scope of a project or size of the budget.

TriCaster simplifies live video production by eliminating complicated setup and cabling between production components. It combines video switching, graphics, titles, effects, media playback, virtual sets, keying, recording and streaming all in one compact, professional solution for easy operation.

Chyron Develops for TriCaster

Also at IBC, Chyron, a leading provider of television graphics systems for more than 40 years, will present ChyronIP, a real-time HD/SD, 2D and 3D character and graphics generator designed exclusively to work with TriCaster. Using ChyronIP for TriCaster, video producers can have access to all the features and functions offered by Chyron’s Lyric CG software directly through the TriCaster’s network interface, instead of taking over hardware inputs. Chyron utilized the NewTek Video SDK in order to develop the new system.

IBC attendees can also experience NewTek’s line of 3Play instant replay systems. 3Play gives sports broadcasters, leagues, teams, schools and venues an option to deliver instant replay and slow motion at an astounding price-performance value compared with other instant replay products; the savings can be hundreds of thousands of dollars over the cost of a single system with equivalent I/O capabilities.


TriCaster 40, TriCaster 455, and TriCaster 855 are available immediately through the company’s worldwide reseller network. TriCaster 8000 is expected to ship in Q3 2012. 3Play is available now and prices may vary internationally. Educational pricing is also available.

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