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Sorenson Media Announces New Squeeze Server 2.0

Sorenson Media announced the immediate availability of Sorenson Squeeze Server 2.0, the easiest-to-use and fastest-ever version of the company’s high-volume enterprise-grade video transcoding and encoding solution. The new application, built on the perennial gold-standard Sorenson Squeeze encoding engine, significantly improves performance while streamlining encoding and transcoding tasks.

Squeeze Server 2.0 includes full optimization for all four leading adaptive bitrate streaming protocols, including the newly added MPEG Dynamic Adaptive Streaming over HTTP (DASH); Adobe Flash Dynamic Streaming (FDS); Apple HTTP Live Streaming (HLS); and Microsoft Smooth Streaming. Squeeze Server automatically transcodes individual videos files into chunked segments categorized by bitrate, organizes the segments into folders and delivers them to every specified destination for playback.

Core benefits of Squeeze Server 2.0 include:

  • Unprecedented speed. Major enhancements to the application’s core encoding algorithm maximize all available server CPUs for each encode.
  • A completely redesigned user interface that enables easy management, updating and status indicators for all encoding, including remote control of the server(s) from a browser or iOS device.
  • A refined API – REST-based and easy to code against.
  • The broadest variety of input and output options for multi-screen video preparation with optimized encoding presets.
  • Easy-to-use installation configurations, so the application is ready for encoding within moments, with zero-configuration queues and intelligent presets.
  • Dedicated, Gold-Tier maintenance with highly trained video experts via telephone, email or live chat, as well as ongoing updates and upgrades as they come available.

Squeeze Server 2.0, which runs on Windows Server 2008 R2 and later versions, is uniquely optimized for hybrid cloud/on-premise environments. It runs equally well in any public or private cloud, and can save enterprise users significant expense through the easy application of provisioning strategies. Each version of Squeeze Server 2.0 comes complete with MySQL database, which enable zero-configuration queues—so users can immediately begin using Squeeze Server with minimal to no coding whatsoever.

Squeeze Server 2.0 includes access to hundreds of included additional presets — video encoding parameters that automate the process of transcoding video files in order to optimize playback for any major format, from Flash, H.264 and WebM to MXF, on devices ranging from smartphones and tablets to laptops, PCs, set-top boxes and TV screens.

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Telestream Episode 6.3 Video Encoding Software Now Available

Telestream(R), a provider of video transcoding and workflow solutions, announced availability of Episode 6.3 video encoding software. Support for the x264 video codec brings higher-quality H.264 encoding to all Episode software products. In addition, Telestream makes it easier for post-production companies, artists and editors to access Episode’s extensive range of high-quality encoding capabilities by providing direct integration with Autodesk editing and finishing software, such as Smoke and Flame.

The x264 codec is widely recognized in the industry for producing the best H.264 video quality. With the addition of this codec, Telestream continues the tradition of bringing high-quality video encoding to all Episode users.

Deep system integration with Smoke and Flame makes Episode the only encoder in its class to enable browsing, monitoring and transcoding directly from the Autodesk software. Direct integration makes it easier for Smoke and Flame users to access the powerful, scalable encoding capabilities of Episode products. For creative facilities, Episode allows editors and artists to easily offload encoding tasks to other systems or to centralize functions on an encoding cluster.

Episode(R) provides the highest-quality video transcoding in its class for the entire digital post-production workflow, from camera to delivery, with remarkable speed, powerful controls and cross-platform scalability at an affordable price. Best-in-class video processing, 10-bit encoding, and fine-tuning compression combine to maintain pristine picture quality throughout the production process. Optimized codecs, multi-thread processing, parallel and distributed encoding enable ultra-fast encoding speeds. Collaboration and clustering are at the core of Episode’s design, allowing users to easily join Mac and PC computers together to share encoding work among workstations.

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Telestream Contributes Performance Improvements to x264

Telestream, a provider of video transcoding and workflow solutions, announced the contribution of OpenCL performance improvements for pre-integration review to the x264 project. This follows Telestream’s recent announcement of the integration of x264 across its file-based transcoding product lines.

The enhancements developed by Telestream provide improved performance on AMD GPUs, including the Tahiti architecture to reduce x264 processing time. The development was completed in partnership with MulticoreWare Inc., a software solutions leader that develops highly optimized heterogeneous multicore parallel programming across platforms focusing on OpenCL programming.

Telestream products utilizing x264 currently include Episode and Vantage. Episode is an all-in-one, multiformat encoding application designed for post production and new media workflows. It’s the only cross-platform, multiformat software encoder on the market that scales from a desktop to a workgroup cluster. Vantage server-based software products combine media capture, transcoding, clip management, analysis, QC, and metadata processing into one future-proof video workflow design and automation framework. Vantage integrates with all the major broadcast servers, edit systems, streaming servers, cable VOD servers, SANs and virtually any network digital device in a facility to improve video operations—without disrupting video operations.

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Telestream Vantage Transcode HE Server for Over-the-Top Distribution Available Soon

Telestream, a provider of video transcoding and workflow solutions, announced that a major new product – the Vantage Transcode HE Server – will be available soon. Vantage Transcode HE Server is a highly-focused solution that accelerates transcoding and packaging for multiscreen delivery, including OTT, Web, mobile, and IPTV. Vantage Transcode HE Server utilizes exclusive new Telestream LightSpeed technology to produce the highest quality images at the fastest possible speed. LightSpeed is architected for acceleration of video processing and H.264 encoding on parallel GPUs, including AMD and NVidia, and multicore CPUs, including AMD and Intel. The new transcode server addresses the unique requirements of adaptive bitrate (ABR) workflows to streamline the entire process of source file decoding, video processing, parallelized H.264 encoding, packaging, encryption, quality control, and delivery – all within a single system.

Vantage Transcode HE Server provides decoding support for an extensive range of input file formats and accelerates x264 encoding to Apple Adaptive Streaming, Adobe Dynamic Streaming, Microsoft Smooth Streaming, and MPEG-DASH. The x264 codec is widely recognized in the industry for producing the best H.264 image quality. By combining the power of GPUs and CPUs with x264, Vantage Transcode HE Server produces the best image quality in the least amount of time.

Telestream LightSpeed technology accelerates video processing and transcoding– including scaling, deinterlacing, frame rate conversion, motion vector calculation, compositing and other compute-intensive tasks. It significantly accelerates transcoding performance for simultaneous encoding to multiple resolutions and bitrates in the shortest possible time.

In addition to accelerating transcoding, Vantage Transcode HE Server effortlessly packages the media, together with thumbnail images, closed captions, and metadata into ABR-compliant packages, for delivery directly to origin servers or CDNs. As part of the Vantage product family, Vantage Transcode HE Server can be used alone, clustered to increase capacity or added to an existing Vantage ecosystem. High-density transcoding is provided in an efficient 1 RU (rack unit) server with minimal space, electrical and thermal footprint requirements. With Vantage, every step of the workflow can be planned, managed and monitored. Workflows can be extended to include analysis, automated decision-making and enterprise-class system management to maximize efficiency, system utilization and visibility – all within a unified system.

Availability is targeted for the second quarter of 2012.

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Thoma Bravo Completes Acquisition Of Telestream

Thoma Bravo, LLC, a leading private equity investment firm, has completed the acquisition of Telestream, the leading provider of video transcoding and digital media software solutions. Financial details were not disclosed. Telestream’s co-founder and CEO, Dan Castles, will continue to serve as CEO for the company.

Thoma Bravo is a leading private equity investment firm that has been providing equity and strategic support to experienced management teams building growing companies for 30 years. The firm originated the concept of industry consolidation investing, which seeks to create value through the strategic use of acquisitions to accelerate business growth. Thoma Bravo applies its investment strategy across multiple industries, with a particular focus on the software and service sectors, and works in partnership with management to implement its operating and consolidation expertise to build long-term value. In software, Thoma Bravo has completed more than 46 add-on acquisitions across 19 platform companies with total annual earnings of approximately $1 billion.

Telestream provides world-class live and on-demand digital video tools and workflow solutions that allow consumers and businesses to transform video on the desktop and across the enterprise. Many of the world’s most demanding media and entertainment companies, such as CBS, BBC, CNN, FOX, CBC, Comcast, Direct TV, Time Warner, MTV, Discovery, and Lifetime, as well as a growing number of users in a broad range of business environments, rely on Telestream products to streamline operations, reach broader audiences and generate more revenue from their media. These companies choose to work with Telestream as they know they will get a trusted and highly skilled technical partner. Telestream products span the entire digital media lifecycle, including video capture and ingest; live and on-demand encoding and transcoding; playout, delivery, and live streaming; as well as management and automation of the entire workflow. The company also partners closely with the industry’s leading digital media companies across the entire digital media lifecycle, from consumer to enterprise. Telestream corporate headquarters are located in Nevada City, California. The company is privately held.

Headquartered in Nevada City, Calif., Telestream has 160 employees and operations in Virginia, Sweden and Germany. Its customers include leading media companies such as CBS, BBC, CNN, FOX, CBC, Comcast, Direct TV, Time Warner, MTV, Discovery and Lifetime, as well as a growing number of users in a broad range of business environments.

The completion of this acquisition marks Thoma Bravo’s nineteenth acquisition in the software space.

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Thoma Bravo to Acquire Telestream to Accelerate Business Growth

Telestream, the leading provider of video transcoding and digital media software solutions, has announced that leading private equity investment firm Thoma Bravo, LLC has entered into a definitive agreement to purchase Telestream, Inc. The transaction will facilitate further growth of Telestream’s core businesses in addition to providing additional capital for further market expansion and acquisition.

For more than 13 years, Telestream has been at the forefront of innovation, pioneering file-based video encoding and transcoding solutions for media and entertainment companies, enterprises, and consumers. According to 2011 reports by business research firms Frost & Sullivan and In-Stat, the worldwide multi-format transcoders market is poised for strong growth.

Telestream has been profitable since 2001 and has self-financed three acquisitions: compression specialist Popwire in 2006; live webcasting and screencasting provider Vara Software Ltd. in 2008; and Anystream, a leading provider of automated multi-platform media publishing solutions in 2010. At the close of 2011 Telestream brings thirteen straight years of record sales growth.

The transaction is expected to close in early January 2012. Terms of the deal were not disclosed as both companies are privately held. Telestream will continue to operate as an independent entity with existing management teams continuing their current roles. Headquarters will remain in Nevada City, California with offices in Virginia, Sweden and Germany.

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Telestream Brings New Vantage Products to Market

Telestream, a provider of video transcoding and workflow solutions, announced the release of three major new enterprise-class system management products in the Vantage video workflow family: Vantage Enterprise Control, Vantage Master Control, and Vantage Team Management. Telestream also announced the release of Vantage 3.0 which adds support for a number of new video and audio formats, wrappers and systems, and new video workflow design and automation features. Vantage server-based software products automate content ingest, transcoding, video file interoperability, video production workflows, and multi-channel distribution for content owners, creators, broadcast, cable and new media companies.

New Vantage Enterprise System Management products, Vantage Enterprise Control and Vantage Master Control, provide scalability, predictability, and resiliency for large-scale and mission-critical file-based video workflow environments.

Vantage Enterprise Control maximizes workflow capacity, resiliency, throughput and reliability. With automated response to fluctuations in processing or media loads, customizable task scheduling, and tools for analyzing workflow, system bottlenecks and throughput, Vantage Enterprise Control also saves money, power and cooling by improving hardware efficiency.

Vantage Master Control adds full dashboard views and historical reporting to provide complete visibility of the workflow and underlying systems involved. This removes the complexity of managing large-scale systems with a single, unified view. Vantage Master Control also integrates Telestream Agility 2G directly into Vantage. This enables Agility 2G transcoding services to be embedded within Vantage workflows, providing Agility 2G users with access to the full power of Vantage, including dashboards, automated QC, input and output analysis, and automated decision making.

In addition, Vantage Team Management allows the creation of user accounts and custom web-based job status views for any Vantage installation. With multiple operators, administrators and departments performing transcoding and video workflow automation tasks, Vantage Team Management provides the ability to manage user permissions and visibility which allows for broader access and improved system protection across the enterprise.

Vantage 3.0 also includes support for a number of new formats, wrappers and systems; third-party connectivity features; video workflow automation features; and general improvements to the user interface and SDK.

Vantage 3.0 is now available from Telestream’s worldwide network of direct sales and distributors.

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Telestream Releases Vantage 2.0

Telestream, a provider of video transcoding and workflow solutions, announced a major release for Vantage enterprise-class workflow design and automation software. Major new features in Vantage 2.0 include Vantage Workflow Portal, which enables creation and deployment of operator user interfaces in minutes for browsing video, entering metadata, and forwarding media. A new SDK allows customers and third-party systems to easily access and control Vantage workflows. New GraphicsFactory integration allows template-based layered graphics and audio to be applied during a transcode. Many video workflow analysis and transcoding format support capabilities are also new.

Since initial product release last spring, Vantage has been deployed to major media and entertainment companies around the world. Outdoor Channel, America’s leader in outdoor television, uses Vantage to enable greater operational efficiency and quickly deliver any file type to any destination for domestic and international needs.

New in V2.0, Vantage Workflow Portal allows media and entertainment companies to streamline the human element of their video workflows, adding direct human interaction as necessary without the need for custom web engineering. Vantage Workflow Portal makes it easy to create and deploy customized user interfaces that allow common operator tasks, such as metadata entry, review and approval, content routing, simple tagging and video stitching.

A new SDK simplifies Vantage integration directly into existing software systems using a web services interface. New database redundancy capability allows a SQL server mirror-with-witness model to be used with Vantage. Version 2.0 also adds delivery and send-to-playback support for Avid Interplay 2.2 editing environments.

A key Vantage component, Vantage Analysis, goes beyond content verification to enable users to automate smart transcoding and self-healing quality control workflows. Vantage 2.0 adds MPEG-2 video level and gamut checking, macroblocking artifact detection and several other new analysis features. Further, a new Compute function allows automated mathematical functions to be performed upon analysis results, driving intelligent decision-making and automatic correction of many types of errors.

New transcoding support in Vantage 2.0 includes: MainConcept .CFG file support for H.264 encoding, Omneon AVC Intra and SAMMA JPEG-2000 decoding, and several other new capabilities. A new Telestream EDL XML playlist format allows MPEG-2 stitching without requiring a full transcode, and Vantage Workflow Portal provides an interface for creating these playlists.

Vantage is a video workflow design and automation software solution that was built from the ground up on a modular, future-proof platform that combines video capture, transcoding, analysis, metadata processing, delivery, and file management into a unified framework – all designed to meet the long-term needs of a rapidly changing video industry.

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