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How Video Direct-Marketing can help Grow Your Business

Chapter: Business

Topic: Sales and Marketing

Use these ideas and thoughts to convince your clients to hire you to create their video-direct-marketing piece. Includes justification for why it is so effective and cites specific examples of cost effectiveness.


Video Direct-Mail Dramatically More Cost-Effective Than Print

Chapter: Business

Topic: Success in Market Segments

More examples of how effective Video Direct-mail is compared with direct-mail print. Use in conjunction with “How Video Direct-Marketing can help Grow Your Business to sell your production services.”


Shooting with more than one camcorder

Chapter: Image Acquisition

Topic: Multicam Shooting

There are times when one camcorder simply isn’t enough. But it’s not as easy as adding one or more camcorders. Read on…


Anything goes (low budget music videos)

Chapter: Production Crafts

Topic: Directing

A DIY guide to shooting and editing simple, low-budget music videos with a camcorder and few bits of string!