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Going from 30 to 24 fps or 24 to 30 fps with Avids

Chapter: 24P Film or Video

Topic: Editing 24P Source

Quick techniques for going between 30 and 24 fps on Avid Meridien and ABVB systems and from 24 to 30 on those systems. Would probably also apply to Adrenaline and later versions of the software.

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Avid Film Composer: 30 Frame Capture in a NTSC Film Project

Chapter: 24P Film or Video

Topic: Editing 24P Source

Film Composer 6.5.1v1 (forward) allows capture of 30 frame film based material into a 24 frame project. In 6.5.1v1 through 7.2 this feature is only available once a Console command has been entered. Once enabled, film to tape transfers that were done without pulldown can now be captured directly into a film project. This feature is principally for special effects that are generated on a frame to frame basis to tape and need to be integrated into the film project. Picture only digitize is available when this mode is active. 24 frame and 30 frame capture can be edited together in the same sequence.

AE and Matte Keys in Avid

Chapter: Workflow

Topic: Inter-application Workflow

Some designer friends in LA were trying go get some type animations into an Avid Media Composer. I explained to them exactly what to do, they in turn explained to their editor. He didn’t get it. So I made this tutorial. It’s short an to the point.