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Avid Media Composer: Archiving graphics to tape for Avid NLE

Chapter: Project and Media Management

Topic: Archiving and Project Transfer

I am very often laying off animations to tape from Avid. Graphic elements from AE, traveling mattes, sometimes I need them in a traditional online. I not only need to get them to tape, I need to create an EDL that reflects where the clips live. plus – I’m a big believer in not archiving my Avid media files. Heresy, I know, but here I’d like to share how I get around it, and how easy, though sometimes tedious, it is.

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Adobe After Effects: After Effects Lens Flare Tutorial

Chapter: Visual and Creative Effects

Topic: Glows, Blurs, Rays or Streaks

This is a quick little animation I came up with for a line of text that needed a little excitement. The idea is very simple. A lens flare tracks a linear wipe to reveal text. The lens flare is very bright at the center of the screen and invisible at the edges. The text begins horizontally blurred. By the time the linear wipe completes, the text is completey in focus

TAGS: Light, factory, Knoll, ICE