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Activating live transcoding on TRV900

Chapter: Image Acquisition

Topic: Camera Comparisons or Modifications

Much has been written about temporarily disabling DV-in on the Digital-8 camcorders, for the purpose of direct transcoding from analog to firewire. I decided to try a similar experiment on my TRV-900, and sure enough it worked!


Adobe After Effects: Simulating a Video Look with After Effects

Chapter: Visual and Creative Effects

Topic: Visual Style

This tutorial is intended to use only the plugins that ship with the Standard version of Adobe After Effects. Our primary goal is to simulate a video look image, grainy, with a lot of TV interference and color shifting. Our secondary objective is to have full control over these parameters. You’ll need Adobe After Effects 3.1 Standard or later and Adobe Photoshop (or another image editing tool).


Amadeus, Amadeus! Amadeus II v.3.8 and Its Creator

Chapter: Audio

Topic: Tools or Plug-ins

Amadeus is the brilliant audio editor (and capture or manipulation) from Hairersoft for the Mac, released several years ago.† Amadeus II is the newest incarnation of this software, and in the new year it will be released in a much more evolved version 3.8.


Avid Media Composer: Relink to replace Graphics

Chapter: Editing

Topic: Capture, Digitize, Import

Its a very common question, “How can I replace my graphics without editing them all in by hand?” Until Avid came out with Batch Import in Symphony and MC version 8 this was the way to do it. Since many of us are still using ABVB Avids, this technique is still current. The great thing is, this technique can be used to replace PICT files, QuickTime movies (when NOT brought in with alpha), audio files like AIFFs… Here I’ll show you by example how to use the Relink command to replace a shot without editing in the new version.