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Apple Logic: System exclusive in Logic Audio: multi-byte messages

Chapter: Music

Topic: Patching and Messaging

This article supposes you’re able to read hexadecimal numbers and have some basic knowledge w.r.t. sysex. You might first want to read my article dealing with hex notation, or the general sysex article. It’s also assumed you know how a transformer set to “Sysex Mapper” works. If you don’t, then please read the article on Sysex Mappers first.


Entering the age of expertise

Chapter: Business

Topic: Management Issues

Creative Cow’s Tim Kolb, looks at our changing profession and offers some insights he’s gained in his thirteen year career that has won him multiple ITVA, Telly, American Advertising, and Emmy Award honors.


During a Slowdown

Chapter: Business

Topic: Management Issues

During times of economic uncertainty, it’s wise to take a step back from the day-to-day activities of your facility and evaluate your overall business model. What are your most profitable offerings? Which are break-even ventures at best? It’s also a good time to take a look at the services you outsource and consider which competencies can be developed in-house. If you provide services to clients directly, why not serve as a consultant as they build out those capabilities themselves?


Maxon Cinema 4D: Building an Animation Rig using Cinema 4D XL 6 (or later) SplinMotion plug-in

Chapter: 3D Modelling and Animation

Topic: Animation and Inverse Kinematics

This article will demonstrate how to set up the SplinMotion Plug-in to build an animation rig allowing you to animate a fire hose by moving only one null. The article will not focus on the modeling or texturing aspects of the project as they’re really not important, but rather the rig used to animate the spline from which the firehose is formed. This principle can be used to animate any spline based model.

TAGS: Splinemotion, spline, motion,

Sony Vegas: Simulating 3 Dimensional Effects in Vegas

Chapter: Compositing Tools and Techniques

Topic: 3D Space for Compositing

Many people are very excited about all the great new features that Sonic Foundry has developed in Vegas Video 3. It was difficult for Gary Gowman to decide on what to write about since there are so many new things available. He finally decided to share one of his techniques to achieve a 3D effect. Sonic Foundry does not claim that Vegas Video will do 3D effects, but if you get creative and combine a couple things you will see that it does look like 3D. Gary demonstrates this by combining a new filter called Deform with the Track Motion controls.


Using SMPTE Color Bars to Calibrate Monitor

Chapter: Video and Computer Technology

Topic: Monitoring Video

Step by step instructions for calibrating a monitor to SMPTE color bars. Links to more advanced information from the bottom of the page.

TAGS: monitor, screen, blue, gun, adjust, control, set, color phase, chroma, contrast, black level, pluge, brightness, gamma

Adobe After Effects: Animating skies and writing text with Light

Chapter: Motion Graphic Design

Topic: Backgrounds and Stock Footage

Mark Simpson uses The Foundry ‘Tinderbox’ plug-ins, T_Sky, T_Rays, & T_Blur filters to create some unique text effects against an artificial sky. In this first look at the new TinderBox series from The Foundry — Mark Simpson explores some of the powers of the incredible fractal skies plug-in and the beauty of the TinderBox Rays plug-in. Mark’s conclusions give high praise to a new set of AE plug-ins just beginning to grow in popularity among After Effects users.

TAGS: Shine, stretch, slide, highlight, burn

Apple Logic: How to match your song's tempo automatically to that of a sampled loop

Chapter: Music

Topic: Tips and Techniques

Tweak the levels of individual sounds in a stereo mix, and learn how to match your song’s tempo automatically to that of a sampled loop. Plus, the usual fistful of handy tips, including some ways to make your life easier using Logic’s colouring options.


Surround on Location

Chapter: Audio

Topic: Surround Sound

The challenge was plain: Find a way to record immersive surround recordings on two channels that could then be decoded in post-production to recapture the surround image.


Digidesign Final Cut Pro: In Session: Integration between Final Cut Pro and Pro Tools Free

Chapter: Audio

Topic: Audio Workflow

Freelance video and audio editor Adam Green focuses on this How2 on getting audio out of Final Cut Pro 2 and into Pro Tools Free 5.0.1

TAGS: “OMF, digidesign, TDM”