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Adobe After Effects: Maya Camera Import to After Effects

Chapter: Workflow

Topic: Inter-application Workflow

It makes sense to use a 3D program to create a 3D scene; but what if you need to re-use the camera motion info from that scene for advanced compositing? In this tutorial, RenÈ de la Fuente and Will Scates walk through the basic steps needed to accomplish this using Alias|Wavefront’s Maya 4 and Adobe After Effects v 5.5. One of the outstanding features of Adobe’s After Effects v 5.5 is its ability to create and use 3D space to develop a motion graphics composition. While After Effect comes with 3D cameras, lighting and scene development, it also permits you to directly import camera motion and objects created within Alias|Wavefront’s Maya 4. This technique is quite useful if you have to composite or work directly on elements within a 3D rendered file; for example, you have a rendered scene that places certain objects in motion relative to a camera. You can use this scene info directly from Maya 4, and replace nodes while keeping the same camera movement and views in your motion graphics composition in After Effects. However, being able to actually do this isn’t as straightforward as it could be. So we developed this tutorial to walk you through some of the important steps in this process. In this particular tutorial, we use Maya 4 and After Effects 5.5 Production Bundle. Both have been superceded but the tutorial remains applicable.



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