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Adobe After Effects: Fun with Track Mattes: Dissolving out a Grid, Row by Row

Chapter: Compositing Tools and Techniques

Topic: Track or Travel Matte

Learning to use track mattes can be a valuable weapon in your After Effects arsenal.† They’re extremely versatile, and knowing how to use them can save you the time and expense of researching and buying yet another plug-in. A Creative Cow visitor wrote, “I want to do a grid of small boxes that dissolve one row at a time, from bottom to top. What would be the fastest way to it?”† A perfect opportunity to use track mattes! In this article, Dave LaRonde demonstrates the technique step by step.


Avid 24p – The Basics

Chapter: 24P Film or Video

Topic: Editing 24P Source

24p benefits projects where image material originates in a progressive form at 24 fps, or possibly 25fps (i.e., film or 24p video). Any system with the Universal option is a frame based nonlinear system for television, where the final product mastered directly out of the Avid is intended for NTSC or PAL. The Universal option also allows creation of multiformat EDLs for HDTV online mastering, and the creation of true 24fps film Cut Lists and Change Lists for 16mm, 35mm 2-perf, 35mm 4-perf, 35mm 3-perf, 35mm 8-perf, 65mm 5-perf, 65mm 8-perf, 65mm 10-perf, 65mm 12-perf, and 65mm 15-perf.

TAGS: Telecine, Digitizing, display, progressive, interlace, Aspect ratio

My First Movie: Taking those First Steps. Part One: An Introduction

Chapter: Business

Topic: Success in Market Segments

They say the beginning is never easy. This seems to be at least partially true. It has taken me a long (and winding) road to get me to making my first little short (a short little movie).

TAGS: Beginning, Movie, funding, equipment

Adobe After Effects: Creating an Audio LED Meter using Motion Math and Expressions in After Effects

Chapter: Compositing Tools and Techniques

Topic: Scripting or Expressions

In this tutorial, Roland Kahlenberg demonstrates creating an ‘as real as you want it to be’ audio LED meter using Motion Math and Expressions. At the bottom of the page is a sample of its use in Roland’s demo reel — just to give you a ‘real world’ example. Prerequisites – Stuff you should know before attempting to follow through with this tutorial. 1. Expression Basics including vector Math addition and subtraction 2. Applying MotionMath (There’s an Expression script provided below for those without the PB)


Adobe After Effects: Looping Flag – displacement

Chapter: Compositing Tools and Techniques

Topic: Displacement

AE5.5 PRO & Forge FreeFORM. Ayato’s tutorials are very advanced. Because English is his second language you really need to know After Effects moderately well to follow all the steps. Some additional plug-ins are needed, but most are available in demonstration form although for Forge FreeFORM you must email the developer.


Creating a Deep-Space Star Nebula

Chapter: Motion Graphic Design

Topic: Backgrounds and Stock Footage

Often the space scene in a game must be broken with some detail or feature, and a cloud nebula is a good one to use. With this effect, you can also create a cold, deep space look where our sun is but a distant light in a cloud-like galaxy


Apple Final Cut Pro: Outputting with Final Cut Pro Using a FireWire deck to output your edited projects with pinpoint accuracy

Chapter: Editing

Topic: Output

Most people who are using Final Cut Pro are working in mini DV or DVCam. When outputting your materials, it is a simple procedure if you have all your media online. Go to Print to Video and then crash record to your deck. What if you want to hit the 1 hour mark with frame accuracy? This will involve some slightly different procedures, but can be done with the proper equipment.


Adobe After Effects: Animating a Butterfly

Chapter: Compositing Tools and Techniques

Topic: 3D Space for Compositing

In this tutorial, Marek Doszla shows how to animate a butterfly in After Effects 5.5 starting from a digital picture. Marek puts it in the category of “After Effects experiment”, however he uses some sophisticated features of After Effects as 3D space, expressions and time remapping that could be useful to beginners or even advanced users in motion graphics.


Apple Logic: MIDI flow in Logic Audio

Chapter: Music

Topic: MIDI, Sequencing and Automation

In the following it’s assumed that you have some external synthesizer or other device that sends Midi data, and that it’s connected to a Midi interface which is connected to your computer.


Apple Final Cut Pro: Fun with Batch Exporting

Chapter: Editing

Topic: Output

Call me old fashioned, I like Batch Export. It doesn’t have too many Bells and Whistles, like Media Manager, and it doesn’t promise the world. But it’s got a kind of reliable functionality, and it does work.

TAGS: “compile still, export audio, convert, self contained”