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Adobe Premiere: Star Wars "like" rolling title

Chapter: Titling

Topic: Roll and Crawl

This video demonstrates re-creating the Star Wars opening Title sequence using Adobe Premiere 6.5. Download a more accurate Star Wars font from the internet for a more realistic look.


Adobe Photoshop: The Photoshop Paint Engine, Part 2: Dual brush dynamics

Chapter: Paint, Draw and Design

Topic: Controls and Interfaces

Now we’ll begin a new section covering paint brush dynamics, a set of features that help to make the Paint Engine in Photoshop 7 far superior to anything seen in Photoshop previously for creating custom brushes for emulating “natural” media (as if chemical-based paints were any more natural than digital paint tools).


Autodesk Combustion: Creating Jittery Text – quick and easy with Combustion

Chapter: Titling

Topic: Effects

Adam Tracksler was reading through the tutorials at CreativeCow and stumbled across an After Effects tutorial on creating Jittery Text. He thought, hey, you can do that in Combustion, and here’s how.


Video Recording Formats

Chapter: Video and Computer Technology

Topic: Technology Descriptions

A listing of common and not common video recording formats. Not totally up to date as it misses the DVCPRO 100 and HDCAM formats.


Adobe After Effects: The Locus of Light like a Whip

Chapter: Visual and Creative Effects

Topic: Glows, Blurs, Rays or Streaks

Random patterns of light ‘whipping’ around the screen. Good for force fields, fireflies or space critters. Ayato’s tutorials are very advanced. Because English is his second language you really need to know After Effects moderately well to follow all the steps. Some additional plug-ins are needed, but most are available in demonstration form.


High Definition Recording Formats

Chapter: High Definition

Topic: HD Acquisition

Whatever you do, the coming HD revolution is likely to make pioneers of many of us. It will be easy to tell which of us were the pioneers; we’ll be the ones with the arrows in our backs. That’s because the decision to move into HD will be expensive and dangerous. The list of what’s available and how much it costs will change rapidly making almost any decision you make a short term one. [Written before the advent of HDV format that will likely make significant changes to HD Acquisition.]

TAGS: High Definition, HDCAM, W-VHS

Apple Logic: Logical Progression: Part 1 – Getting Started

Chapter: Music

Topic: Tips and Techniques

In the first of a two-part series on taming Logic Audio, Computer Music shows you how to set the program up for maximum working efficiency. [The article predates Apple’s purchase of Emagic and shows OS 9. Much will be appropriate but not every part of the tutorial will match with modern versions of Logic Audio on OS X.]


Autodesk Combustion: Combustion 2 for After Effects Users, Part 2: Working with Photoshop files

Chapter: Compositing Tools and Techniques

Topic: Controls and Interfaces

In the first installment of our series on migrating from After Effects to Combustion, we looked at converting Illustrator artwork into Combustion Paint objects, a process which, for some of our readers, may very well have fallen somewhere between paper cut and root canal on the pain scale. This time we’re going to go a little easier on you, as we explore how well Combustion works with native Photoshop files.


Lighting 101 Part 4: The Background Light

Chapter: Image Acquisition

Topic: Lighting

Last time I wrapped up with the Back light, which completed the basic three point lighting setup. There really is another light that should be added to this setup – the Background light. Here?s why.

TAGS: Backing, backdrop

Film/Editing Terms

Chapter: 24P Film or Video

Topic: Editing 24P Source

The way certain terms are used varies from one place to another, particularly with regard to the “aesthetic” terms (i.e., one man’s close-up may be another’s medium close-up). Be sure that you are comparing “apples to apples” in your specific situation.