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Brief Description of Video and Image Formats

Chapter: Video and Computer Technology

Topic: Video Basics

A summary of digital video formats; a discussion of RGB, YC and YUV and terminology.


Adobe Photoshop: Quick Clean Composite Images in Photoshop

Chapter: Compositing Tools and Techniques

Topic: Masking or Rotoscoping

Noted broadcast designer Kurt Murphy explores some basic compositing and image enhancement techniques using Adobe Photoshop. He focuses on ways to avoid the obvious “paste up” look of a shoddy compositing cut-job. He also points readers to some of the productivity short-cuts that will enable you to create your images in the shortest amount of time possible.

TAGS: isolate, mask, matte

Apple Final Cut Pro: Backing up at project end (FCP Quick Tip #11)

Chapter: Project and Media Management

Topic: Project Management

AAAAAAI had a reader contact me last week asking what was an easy way to back up and save Final Cut Pro projects at the end of a job. I think everyone has a different take on this subject, and while it may not be the best solution, here is my suggestion.

TAGS: save, backup, back-up

Adobe Photoshop: The Photoshop Paint Engine, Part 1: Defining a custom brush tip shape

Chapter: Paint, Draw and Design

Topic: Controls and Interfaces

Slap on your smocks and bust out your easels! We’re getting down and dirty with some natural media effects in Photoshop 7’s Paint Engine. Yes, this week we leave the timid realm of compositing for a while and kick off a new series exploring the sloppy side of digital art.


Adobe After Effects: Projecting the Best Image using After Effects' Advanced Shadow

Chapter: Compositing Tools and Techniques

Topic: 3D Space for Compositing

Rick Gerard explains the use of the Light Transmission property added to Layer Material Options in After Effects 5.5. Basic and advanced techniques demonstrate only a few creative possibilities opened up by this exciting new feature

TAGS: project, projection, shade, shadow, cast

Adobe After Effects: Creating a Flowing Title Effect in After Effects

Chapter: Titling

Topic: Effects

George Polevoy explores a method of creating a flowing title effect in Adobe After Effects. With this technique, you can add a variety of effects, such as smoke or fire, as well as an abstract ‘flowing’ for a visual element. Please note: This is an Advanced level tutorial and may take a few tries to get it right. This is normal due to the complexity of the technique and the subject matter. And it uses Production Bundle filters…


Lighting 101 Part 3: The Back Light

Chapter: Image Acquisition

Topic: Lighting

Welcome to the latest installment of our Lighting 101 series. This week we come to the third light in our lighting setup, the Back light. We?ve previously talked about how to light the subject, but how do you keep them from blending in with the background? The Back light (also known as the Rim or Hair light) produces a rim of light around the subject?s head and shoulders to separate the foreground subject from the background. This enhances the perception of depth in the shot.


Apple Final Cut Pro: Locating files in the Timeline (FCP Quick Tip #10)

Chapter: Editing

Topic: Clip and Media Management

Every have a series of still images that you need to edit into a Final Cut Pro 3.0 project, and want to know if you have used the clip already in the Timeline? Here is a very short Quick Tip to show you how it can be done.

TAGS: locate, find, used

Adobe After Effects: Creating a Graphic Bed

Chapter: Motion Graphic Design

Topic: Backgrounds and Stock Footage

There are many ways to create a graphic bed, but in this tutorial, Doug Bassett demonstrates a quick and easy method using 3D Assistant from Digital Anarchy. You’ll need the plugin from Digital Anarchy. If you don’t have it, download the demo and follow along.

TAGS: box, camera, rotation

Adobe After Effects: Animating a Signature – Prepare your files in Illustrator, Animate with After Effects

Chapter: Titling

Topic: Titling Animation

A year ago, Kevin Kantorski needed to create an animated signature. After a lot of research, he came up with the method in this tutorial. You don’t need the production bundle for this one — in fact, you can use AE 4.1 if you don’t have 5.0.

TAGS: Scan, pen, trace, curve, path, stroke