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Selling Service Agreements to Anyone – How do you do it, exactly?

Chapter: Business

Topic: Sales and Marketing

There is no question, as you will see once you’ve successfully set-up a proactive service agreement sales team or approach, selling service or preventative maintenance contracts that are proactive are a lot more profitable than selling equipment. And, as such, commissions for selling such services should be higher than those for selling products.


Adobe Director MX: More Flash Friendly Macromedia's Director MX

Chapter: Distribution

Topic: Interactive

This latest version of Director lets you import Flash files, stream MPEG-4 video and add text-to-speech capabilities. It also features a redesigned MX interface.


The Client From Hell: It could be worse — or better

Chapter: Business

Topic: Client Management

My last column looked at our hapless hacker — I called him Ed — a digital video editor who didn’t know if he was on foot or on horseback. I asked you, readers, to regale us with tales of the other, even darker side of the edit suite: the Client From Hell. Wow, did I hear some whoppers!


Setting Up a Professional Video Monitor on Location

Chapter: Video and Computer Technology

Topic: Monitoring Video

Setting up a monitor for proper color rendition is probably the single most important thing one can do on location. Here is a simple method in maintaining a color-accurate picture in the field, without benefit of a waveform monitor or vectorscope (the two most common tools for accurate monitor set-up).


Configuration of Non-Linear Digital Video Editing Systems, Part Two

Chapter: Video and Computer Technology

Topic: Software and System Maintenance

In the second half of this article (check out the first half here), Charles continues with various video storage hard drive options, explains the advantages of a DV VCR, and concludes with some answers to frequently asked questions.

TAGS: SCSI, RAID, ATA, Fibre Channel

Configuration of Non-Linear Digital Video Editing Systems, Part One

Chapter: Video and Computer Technology

Topic: Software and System Maintenance

In the first half of this article (check out the second half here), Charles outlines what you should consider for your editing requirements and provides an overview of hard drive options for video storage.

TAGS: Portable, render, HD,

Beyond Three-Point Lighting

Chapter: Image Acquisition

Topic: Lighting

While three-point lighting is a wonderful place to begin, once you get out in the world it’s important to expand on it.

TAGS: diffusion, open face, reflection, background, key, fill

Adobe Premiere: Star Trek Transporter Effect

Chapter: Compositing Tools and Techniques

Topic: Transition Effect

This video demonstrates creating a Star Trek like Transporter effect using Adobe Premiere 6.5 and Photoshop 7.† Track Matte and Transform filters are used.

TAGS: sparkle

Getting to The Core: Director Jon Amiel's goal was to put science back into science fiction

Chapter: Production Crafts

Topic: Directing

When director Jon Amiel began work on his new science fiction thriller, Paramount’s The Core, which opens March 28, he started with a promise to the actors, and to himself. “I made a promise that we would work on character, in great detail, and with as much care and attention to detail as [we] would if they were making The Hours or any other character-driven movie,” he said.


Color Correction Freebie (FCP Quick Tip #18 )

Chapter: Image Acquisition

Topic: Color Balance and Exposure

What happens when you don’t white balance correctly and it comes time to edit? You use Final Cut Pro?s Color Correction Filter of course. What do you do when there is nothing in your shot that represents true black and white? You panic! Don’t panic too much, here is a freebie just for you- or rather your cinematographer. Includes downloadable free Chip Chart to print.

TAGS: chip chart,, white balance, reference