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Maxon Cinema 4D: Cinema 4D Quick Tip: Keeping It – Simple Modeling and animation techniques that save time

Chapter: 3D Modelling and Animation

Topic: Modelling

In a 3D package like Maxon’s Cinema4D, which affords users multitudes of modeling and animation tools under readily available icons, many designers find themselves “playing,” when simple solutions are equally easy to find.


Photojournalism: Beyond the Basic B-roll

Chapter: Production Crafts

Topic: Production

One of the tenets of photojournalism is that it is learned in three steps: at first, it is hard, because it is something new; then, it becomes easy because the person feels s/he understands the basic fundamentals of the field and is completely qualified to begin; and finally, it becomes hard again because the person becomes such a perfectionist that s/he is never satisfied with the work. This is a process that is only furthered by experience in the field. The student enrolled in a broadcasting or radio-television course has a difficult time gaining such experience because of many elements which will be discussed in the following pages. Typical examples of student problems will be explained; corrections will be offered; and ideas on how to improve student photojournalism within an academic setting will be explored.


Synthetik Studio Artist: Creating Paint-On Effects in Synthetik Studio Artist: Recording brush strokes as movies while you paint

Chapter: Paint, Draw and Design

Topic: Paint or Draw on Video

So you think you’re pretty fancy, sitting there with your motion graphics package, playing with vectors and making paint-on effects that wiggle on the screen, eh? Well, maybe you are. I’m not here to dispute that. But I am here to show you another way to do it with an infinitely more “painterly” feel using that most painterly of applications, Synthetik Studio Artist, and that most painterly of instruments, your wrist.


Adobe After Effects: Up and Atom!

Chapter: Visual and Creative Effects

Topic: Simulation

After the last exercise, I got a few e-mails asking how I created the flying swirls around the Mindsprung emblem. It is fairly simple if you know how to manipulate 3D, and in this exercise, we’ll create a 3D atom using nothing more than the out of the box After Effects Production Bundle.


Timecode Formats

Chapter: Editing

Topic: Settings

Confused by the different types of timecode? Don’t be, this article explains drop v non-drop, SMPTE, LTC, VITC and DV Timecode in short summary form

TAGS: drop, non-drop, frame, LTC, BITC

Sony Vegas: Vegas Sound for Picture

Chapter: Audio

Topic: Tips and Techniques

In this article,Jeffrey P. Fisher discusses how ideal Vegas is for sweetening soundtracks for indie films, documentaries, music videos, commercial spots, and corporate productions destined for DVDs, CD-ROMs, Web sites, and broadcast with a few tricks of the trade.


Adobe After Effects: Exploring Expressions in Adobe After Effects 6

Chapter: Compositing Tools and Techniques

Topic: Scripting or Expressions

With After Effects 6.0, Adobe has introduced some wonderful new functionality to the world of expressions. Most of this is the result of spectacular new features that have been added to After Effects that were not necessarily aimed at expressions but nonetheless dramatically increase the power available to the expression writer. There have also been a few changes and enhancements to the expression language itself.


Adobe Premiere: Basics of Keyframes

Chapter: Editing

Topic: Interface

This video demonstrates how to use Keyframes in Premiere 6.5. There is no demo associated with this tutorial.


Information sheet for Video to Film Transfer (FAZ)

Chapter: 24P Film or Video

Topic: Digital Cinema Workflow

Swiss Effects guarantees that it’s printing system will expose all the relevant material from videotape in its entirety and with high quality resolution. In taking note of some technical considerations, the quality of the video images can be substantially optimized. The following considerations during production and postproduction will decidedly improve the quality of the transfer.

TAGS: film, print to film,, video

20 tips on mixing

Chapter: Audio

Topic: Basic Techniques

Paul White delivers a crash course in instant mixing