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Adobe After Effects: 3-Dimensional Space

Chapter: Motion Graphic Design

Topic: Backgrounds and Stock Footage

Move through a 3-dimensional gride. Great background or computer effect. Ayato’s tutorials are very advanced. Because English is his second language you really need to know After Effects moderately well to follow all the steps. Some additional plug-ins are needed, but most are available in demonstration form.

TAGS: fractal

Apple Final Cut Pro: Time Remap – Final Cut Pro 4

Chapter: Compositing Tools and Techniques

Topic: Speed Effects

Constant speed changes and variable speed changes with the Time Remap tool

TAGS: speed, time remap, frame blending, motion tab keyframe graph

Adobe After Effects: My God! It's full of stars! Slit Scan camera effect in After Effects 6.0

Chapter: Visual and Creative Effects

Topic: Space

One of the trippiest effects of all time has to be the Star Gate sequence at the end of 2001: A Space Odyssey. Originally, Kubrick and the rest of the crew didn?t have the benefit of computer technology to assist in the creation of the movie. Instead they relied on a ?Slit Scan? machine created by innovator Douglas Trumbull. This created the illusion of two planes of infinite proportions. Some of the shots that went into the final effect included aerial landscape footage and chemical interactions.

TAGS: time

Apple Final Cut Pro: How to create the Pleasantville Effect in Final Cut Pro

Chapter: Color Correction

Topic: Creative

The effect that we are going to create will extract the colour of an entire piece of footage except for one item. This is similar to the effect that was used in the movie Pleasantville. The “Pleasantville” Effect – if you have ever seen the movie, in some of the black and white sequences, some items start to become colour.

TAGS: color corrector

Apple Final Cut Pro: I said TRIM, dang it!

Chapter: Editing

Topic: Trimming

The subject of this article is using Media Manager to ‘trim’ a sequence in the offline/online editing process.

TAGS: “uprez, trim, recapture, offline to online”

Apple Soundtrack: Apple Soundtrack – Music to Video Editor's Ears

Chapter: Music

Topic: Composing for Film or Video

For those of you who may be just starting out with video editing and Final Cut Pro, let’s go over, in order of expense, the methods most video editors use to obtain music for their projects.

TAGS: “composed, library, custom, buyout”

Apple Final Cut Pro: Field Editing in Final Cut Pro

Chapter: Editing

Topic: Editing Workflow

Apple has really changed the face of Post Production with the power and affordability of Final Cut Pro. In Creative Cow leader Walter Biscardi’s view, the real power of the product is its flexibility. From offline to uncompressed HDTV, from laptop to desktop, FCP gives unparalleled flexibility to production creatives. Recently, Walter took FCP on the road for a three day corporate shoot and found it to be a major tool in the project. Here’s his report…

TAGS: “Powerbook, location, portable”

Adobe After Effects: Holy Displacement Map! Displacing a superhero logo

Chapter: Compositing Tools and Techniques

Topic: Displacement

Doing your own superhero movie? How the heck do we ‘Normals’ summon our heroes in the time of need? Batman used the Bat Signal. In this Adobe After Effects Pro exercise, we?ll create our own Bat Signal reflecting off the clouds.

TAGS: Displace, bend, distort

EQ 101

Chapter: Audio

Topic: Equalization Settings

There are very few absolute “Rights and Wrongs” when it comes to EQ. Basically, if it sounds good to you, it’s right. There are some generally accepted thoughts on the matter though, so we’ll go over some of them as starting points.


Apple Final Cut Pro: Final Cut Pro v 4.0 for OS X an ambitious beginning?

Chapter: Editing

Topic: Basic Skills

This article is a suggested method of project setup for an NTSC Firewire FCP editing station. It was developed in a busy multi-user college editing lab. It is a system for ensuring that individual projects are properly configured and that each editor’s work is safe and secure in a lab where many hands pass over one FCP station every day.

TAGS: “multiple users, configure drives, scratch disks, preferences, audio sample rates”