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Apple Final Cut Pro: A Look at CinÈwave 4 for OS X Jaguar

Chapter: Editing

Topic: Editing Hardware

Walter is a longtime user of CinÈWave, having used it in many projects in his studio where he serves a long list of corporate and broadcast clients. How does the new CinÈWave meet his demands and expectations, along with those of his clients? Walter takes CinÈWave 4 out for a demanding ride and gives Cow members his verdict as a user whose own investment is behind his opinions. This is no editorial done by a trade journalist with a unit for review, these are the words of a guy whose own investment and decisions either makes or breaks his company’s future. See what he thinks of CinÈWave after owning one for quite some time and growing with the system as it has developed…

TAGS: “Hardware, real time, RT Extreme”

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