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Three Step Microphone Placement [Part I]

Chapter: Audio

Topic: Recording

Step 1 is the hardest – this could cost you money in microphones: Choose Your Microphone


Adobe After Effects: SHA-SHA-SHARK: Reshaping Text in After Effects

Chapter: Compositing Tools and Techniques

Topic: Masking or Rotoscoping

While playing with After Effects, I rediscovered a way to reshape text to look like something else. The reason I say rediscovered is because even the best AE user will occasionally forget an effect that is not used too often. In this After Effects exercise (which will work in AE5.5 or the new AE6.0), we?ll use the Reshape effect to mold our effect.

TAGS: distort, fill,

Adobe After Effects: Recreating the Alias Intro Part 2: Track Matte Video Inside Text

Chapter: Compositing Tools and Techniques

Topic: Track or Travel Matte

In Part 1 we used Adobe After Effects 6.0?s Text Tool to create a typed on effect similar to what you see in the television series Alias. In addition to the typed on effect, video clips show up inside the individual letters. In this exercise, we?ll use Track Matting to achieve this effect.

TAGS: Travel Matte, inside, fill

Bias SoundSoap: BIAS SoundSoap – Intelligent Noise Reduction for the Complete Idiot

Chapter: Audio

Topic: Improving Bad Sound

My line of work involves doing lots of workplace interviews, with little control over ambient noises such as ventilation systems, machinery, traffic, fluorescent light ballasts, and anything else that makes noise in business and industrial environments. The resulting video clips are typically viewed by large audiences using PA systems for sound reinforcement which seems to only amplify all the wrong parts of the audio spectrum. My quest for a fast way to deal with noise led me to SoundSoap.

TAGS: clean, bad, fix, buzz, hum, hiss, conditioning,conditioner, noise, plane, airplane, aircraft, overhead, train, car, traffic, street, whistle

Adobe After Effects: Text Tool in After Effects 6.0

Chapter: Titling

Topic: Titling Tools

An introduction to the text animation effects in After Effects 6.0


The Blue Screen Page (Shooting Blue Screen and chroma key)

Chapter: Keying

Topic: Basic Keying Techniques

Sean starts his resource article (with useful links) with “”””Welcome to the world of Blue Screen! Once the exclusive domain of Hollywood special effects artists, blue screen imaging has expanded to include video and computers. There are many mysteries to the succesful execution of a blue screen composite and considerable confusion as to what a blue screen composite is.”””” He follows through with details on every step of the way, and links to valuable resources, including his own online store for materials.


Apple Final Cut Pro: A Look at CinÈwave 4 for OS X Jaguar

Chapter: Editing

Topic: Editing Hardware

Walter is a longtime user of CinÈWave, having used it in many projects in his studio where he serves a long list of corporate and broadcast clients. How does the new CinÈWave meet his demands and expectations, along with those of his clients? Walter takes CinÈWave 4 out for a demanding ride and gives Cow members his verdict as a user whose own investment is behind his opinions. This is no editorial done by a trade journalist with a unit for review, these are the words of a guy whose own investment and decisions either makes or breaks his company’s future. See what he thinks of CinÈWave after owning one for quite some time and growing with the system as it has developed…

TAGS: “Hardware, real time, RT Extreme”

Adobe After Effects: Card Dance Flag

Chapter: Visual and Creative Effects

Topic: Simulation

Flag wave animated with Card DanceAyato’s tutorials are very advanced. Because English is his second language you really need to know After Effects moderately well to follow all the steps. Some additional plug-ins are needed, but most are available in demonstration form.

TAGS: fractal

Adobe After Effects: Where there's smoke there's fire

Chapter: Visual and Creative Effects

Topic: Fire, Flame or Smoke

Making smoke is something a Smoke Plugin does. Well, not necessarily. If you have the “old” After Effects 5.5 Prod Bundle, you can roll your own smokes. And fire? Yeah, we got that too, thanks to Colorama. Here are some basics.

TAGS: vapor, vapour, smoke, fog,

Apple Final Cut Pro: Audio in Final Cut Pro 4 for the working Editor

Chapter: Audio

Topic: Tips and Techniques

You can say it once, “Video editing programs are not made for editing audio”. You can say it again, “Why would you try to edit your audio in your video editing program?” but no matter what you say, or how you feel about it, the fact remains that a lot of programming we see and hear lately has never been subjected to a final audio mix by a professional sound editor on a Pro Tools system or other high-end digital audio workstation.

TAGS: “Core Audio, mixer, rea-time audio, plug-ins, keyframe thinning”