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Shooting Computer Screens

Chapter: Image Acquisition

Topic: Computer Screens

Some tips on shooting computer screens.


Sennheiser Evolution Wireless Microphone modifications (connector and power)

Chapter: Audio

Topic: Location Recording

Replace that 1/8″ connector with something more reliable and eliminate the battery. Tips are provided without warranty and at your own risk.


Weather Protection for Microphones

Chapter: Audio

Topic: Recording

Some tips on protecting microphones from wind noise and from rain.


Autodesk Combustion: Combustion: Using Compound Alpha Arithmetic

Chapter: Compositing Tools and Techniques

Topic: Scripting or Expressions

Similar to setmatte, but with much more control. Use ?compound alpha Arithmetic? to make boolean in your rgb image. Like the operator ?multiply? in the logicop of flame but the final result is a rbga image. You can also use this operator with a puzzle matte to isolate a part of a 3d render using a rgb channel. You can also animate the opacity of this effect in the operator menu.


Autodesk Combustion: Combustion: Global Variables

Chapter: Compositing Tools and Techniques

Topic: Scripting or Expressions

There aren’t any global variables, but at least there are global functions


Autodesk Combustion: combustion: Video Output to a Monitor

Chapter: Video and Computer Technology

Topic: Monitoring Video

Tips for getting video output to an external broadcast monitor.


Quick Audio Preview in Windows XP

Chapter: Music

Topic: Production Workflow

As musicians, we work with audio files on a regular basis. If you’re anything like me, you have a very large collection of audio files, sample files, sample loops, etc. At the moment, I use Windows Explorer to organize my collection in a number of different folders on a dedicated hard drive. When looking for a particular file, I like to quickly audition (listen) to the file to see if it’s what I need.


Apple Final Cut Pro: Exporting Audio for Post Production Sweetening

Chapter: Audio

Topic: Audio Workflow

Many Final Cut projects can be mixed directly in Final Cut, especially using the new audio mixer that appeared in version 4. However, projects with more complex audio demands are more easily mixed using audio software like ProTools, Logic or Deck. As I am a big ProTools fan, this technique describes what you need to know to move audio out of, then back into, Final Cut Pro.

TAGS: mix, OMF, ProTools, Logic, Peak

Apple Final Cut Pro: Practical Color Correction

Chapter: Color Correction

Topic: Software and Tools

Practical Color Correction is the newest addition to the Intelligent Assistance stable of tutorial products which include; Final Cut Pro, LiveType & Calligraphy, Boris FX, Boris Graffiti, Boris RED, Cleaner, After Effects and Media 100i.

TAGS: color timing, color correction, improve, tutorial, search

Boris RED: 3D Photos in Boris RED 3GL

Chapter: Compositing Tools and Techniques

Topic: Motion Control

Much has been written about achieving the “Ken Burns effect”: the pan-and-scan over still images that brings to life an otherwise dull slide show of still photos. Boris RED allows you to take that effect to another level, moving and applying filters and effects to select objects within the image. This tutorial will show you how you can get a somewhat 3D look from a 2D image.

TAGS: pan, scan, perspective, stills, photo, animate, animating,