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$salary and Attitudes $urvey: Part II: The Independent Producer

Chapter: Business

Topic: Career Development

Producers – AS WELL AS business owners, directors, editors, developers and designers?at independent facilities are often described as a breed apart. Self-starters, entrepreneurs, go-getters and creative types are just a few phrases that come to mind when describing those independents who log long hours and sweat equity in the interest of calling their own shots. Yet, despite those common monikers, this group as a whole is hard to characterize. The differences among them are often greater than those among the in-house producers we surveyed for the first Salary Survey installment that we published last month. Because of this, we went back out into the field to ask several independents how they planned to improve their earnings in the year ahead and, repeating one of the original survey questions, what was the hardest part of running their own shop.

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