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BitrateCalc 1.0

While I’m no fan of DivX (only because they do a great MPEG-4 codec then put it in an AVI container and pair it with MP3 audio so it’s not a compliant MP4) I do love DVD but hate doing the math to know what data rate I need to fit everything on the DVD at the optimal quality.

Well, BitrateCalc will do just that:
enter the length of the video in hours, minutes and seconds, choose your media type, select your audio bitrate, and click the Calculate button. You’ll be told the maximum possible bitrate, size of the authoring overhead and bitrate. From there you’re on your own.

BitrateCalc comes from editor and mac software programmer Maury McCown who has a great news site (and serious cat fetish) and other software available. BitrateCalc is free.


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