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Conoa offers new versions of Conao 3D and Conoa EasyShapes

Conoa 3D (and it’s simpler sibling EasyShapes) both have new version with anti-aliased wireframe drawing added to the feature set. The Conoa plug-ins uniquely provide 3D shape rendering in 2D video editing and compositing hosts with no custom user interface.

Conoa EasyShapes (US$109) is uses simpler interface controls to render spheres, cubes and cylinders (with video mapped to the surfaces, of course) at a lower price. Conoa 3D (US $299) is a full-blown 3D rendering engine within the host application, even if it doesn’t support 3D! Conoa 3D offers an additonal 9 3D geometric primitives and a true raytracing renderer. The shapes are not customizable but you can choose materials, transparency, reflection, shaodws and map textures (video, stills) to any of the surfaces, without leaving the host. Shadows throw realistically onto shapes within the Conoa "world".

Check out the gallery to see if Conoa 3D or EasyShapes are something you can use to spice up your Final Cut Pro projects.


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