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Motion 1.0.1 Now Available

A 1.0.1 release is generally a "bug fix" release. Apple has put the details on what has been fixed, known issues and some clarifications of how Motion behaves in the Late Breaking News installed with the update or avaliable from Apple and downloadable through the Hub software to your desktop. This has to be a welcome update for Motion. The update is available now through Software Update on the machine with Motion installed, or from Apple’s website. The update also updates some of the Content Extras.

Known fixes are for:

  • Drop Shadow On computers with ATI Radeon graphics cards
  • Keyframe Editor no longer causes Motion to quit after the object has been deselected
  • If using a dual-monitor setup, the View pop-up menu will no longer appear on your second monitor when using the default Standard layout
  • Fixed Width and Fixed Height parameters in the Media Tab of the Inspector now function for PDF files
  • CinéWave hardware installed on a computer is now recognized by Motion
  • Masks can now be selected with the up or down arrow even if they are the bottom-most layer.
  • Motion Blur is now rendered when exported with “Use current project settings” checkbox turned on (the default).
  • You can now select a LiveFont with System Fonts set in the Text Inspector and a Collection other than All Fonts is used.
  • Boris After Effects filters can be added as a favorite without subsequent filters causing Motion to Quit.
  • Shapes are anti-aliased after performing a Split Edit on a shape object in the Timeline.
  • QuickTime Export now includes audio if you start from later in the Timeline than frame 0
  • The render time estimate is now more accurate
  • Various problems with third-party Plug-ins have been fixed (DV Matte). Boris Motion Tracking filters are still not supported.

The list of "Known Isssues with Workarounds" and Known Issues (with no workarounds) will be welcome by those who work with Motion every day. Knowing what is a problem is a much more pleasant experience than having surprises jump out.

Also check out the "Documentation Errata" for clarification on Grand Tour and Help entries.


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