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New tape sources arise

To meet the need for tape, PA-based ATR Magnetics and RMG International of The Netherlands are just months away from production. ATR Magnetics is a new division of ATR Services. RMG International have acquired production and formulation patents from EMTEC. Meanwhile, Quantegy is on its way back from Chapter 11 starting with their current work-in-progress analog tape on the production line when the company closed without warning on December 31st.

ATR Magnetics, was spun out of analog tape machine remaufacturer ATR Services over a year ago and acquired coating lines and slitter from the Munich BASF/AGFA plant closed in 2004. ATR Magnetics expect to have their York PA plant in production for June of this year. The plans were accelerated with the sudden closure of Quantegy.

RMG International acquired the EMTEC production equipment and documentation in October 2004. Production of the relocated and updated equipment started in November and sample qualities are expected any time now, with production quantities scheduled in time for NAB in April 2005.

According to Quantegy president and chief executive Richard Lindenmuth, Quantegy are "definitely coming back". There’s crew working in the factoring with the goal of getting production going as soon as practical. Quantegy expect some price increases but "…nothing like the price gouging that is going on in the market at the moment".

Despite the untimely hiccup to Quantegy’s operations two months ago, it looks like there is no chance of analog tape stock completely drying up.


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