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DV Guys and Inside Mac Radio Live from NAB

The DV Guys in association with Inside Mac are going to be presenting the best of NAB, live from the NAB Show floor during the four days of the NAB Exhibition. DV Guy Philip Hodgetts and Inside Mac’s Scott Shepherd will be bringing the movers and shakers, the people who are making the news at NAB to you worldwide. The show will be broadcast live every day direct from the AJA booth immediately adjacent to Apple’s booth at the show entrance from 2 to 3 PM Las Vegas time.

The DV Guys and Inside Mac will bring, not only the news, but the buzz from NAB, what everyone is talking about direct from the news-makers themselves. They will be interviewing people from all the major companies with announcements and releases at NAB – Apple, Avid, JVC, Panasonic, Digidesign, Sony and our hosts AJA and much, much more.

“Like AJA, The DV Guys and Inside Mac Radio Provide a terrific service to the Mac community and people interested in Pro Video and we’re happy to help make their NAB 2005 broadcasts more interesting from the show floor” said Ted Schilowitz, Product Manager, Desktop Video Engines, AJA Video Systems, Inc.

“I am thrilled to be broadcasting with DV Guys Managing Editor Philip Hodgetts LIVE from NAB” said Inside Mac’s Scott Sheppard. “With his acute awareness of technology that’s BEYOND the cutting edge, and terrific sensibilities about what technophiles need to know, Hodgetts will take our LIVE combined broadcast to the next level.”

This NAB will mark five years of continuous weekly shows for DV Guys since premiering at NAB in 2000. Like the weekly show, the NAB live shows will be streamed via a real time QuickTime stream and be available by Podcast and a download archive after the live show.

“The DV Guys bring a unique blend of inside knowledge and practical experience in video and computer integration and storytelling,” says DV Guys Managing Editor Philip Hodgetts – the software guy. “With Scott Sheppard we’ll be bringing that same insider knowledge to the audience, direct from the show floor.”

The DV Guys / Inside Mac NAB Radio Programs will be live 2-3 pm on the days the NAB exhibition’s open – Monday April 18 to Thursday April 21 2005 at the AKJ Video Systems booth #SL2514 beside the Apple booth behind the Apple classroom.

Also Inside Mac will be posting photos daily from the event. Look to the Inside Mac web site for more information.

Autodesk releases Toxik

In the wake of Autodesk renaming Discreet as Autodesk Media and Entertainment [Hub News, March 24th 2005] the parent company has released the long-awaited Toxik under the parent name, sans any reference to Discreet.

Toxik is a new way of creating visual effects for film using a modular software platform that features integrated enterprise collaboration. Toxik will not be for everyone – in fact few Apple Pro Apps users will come across this competitor to Apple Shake, with collaborative tools added. Toxik is important because it is a new generation of collaborative working tool and points the way to what might be the future if Apple adds in some similar features to it’s professional video application.

Toxik, at a recommended price of just US$9000 a seat is surprisingly inexpensive for a Discreet/Autodesk product and will give Shake some serious challenge in the collaborative environments at the high end, unless Apple counters with some collaborative workflow tools.

At the heart of Toxik’s multi-user collaboration is an Oracle relational database to synchronize between all systems. Versions of images and compositions are tracked automatically. Compositions can be created on multiple systems while simultaneously linked together for centralized review and rendering. Artists, visual effect supervisors can open and review compositions while other artists or supervisors are working on them.

Beyond multi-user collaboration, Toxik’s key features are:

  • High Dynamic Range 32 bit 3D environment (HDRI) ;
  • High resolution interaction – real time interaction with 2K, 4K, 6K or 21K images;
  • Gestural interface Autodesk is calling Touch UI;
  • Reaction 3D – full 3D environment 3D positioning and compositing (a.k.a. 2.5D), includes Suave a 32 bit float and 16 bit half-float HDRI-capable software renderer for Reaction
  • High Dynamic Range Color Correction;
  • Real-time playback from disk or RAM depending on system configuration;
  • Based on open standards – non-proprietary Python scripting, XML data structures, Oracle database technology and an open Toxik API for extending the application and for more customized integration.

Belle Nuit Subtitle 1.7 released

Belle Nuit Subtitler creates image files of the subtitles that are compatible with all non-linear editors and DVD authoring applications. For DVD authoring applications the DVD key-colors are used for direct application.

New features, other than Tiff-DVD mentioned above are:

  • Avid Helper Tool: A keyboard macro automates editing of the subtitles in Avid Media Composer and Avid Xpress.
  • Preflight Tool: Test your titlelist for consistency before you export.
  • Import of over 20 formats and Export of over 15 formats including new Cinecanvas, Scantitling, Sonic Producer and Sonic Scenarist, Spruce Maestro, Subrip and Substation Alpha.
  • Windows: Subtitler is now available for Windows. Avid editors and translators on PC can now share subtitle files with Macintosh users

Belle Nuit Subtitler includes a spotting application that allows translators to preview against a QuickTime movie and translate precisely and to accurate timing. Editors are freed from the time-consuming task of generating subtitles and timing. The editor is also free of responsibility for typos!

Belle Nuit Subtitler requires no specific hardware and runs on OS X, OS 9 (Classic) and Windows XP. A single user license is US$120 per platform (site licenses are available fro US$480). Current users of Subtitler 1.0 – 1.6 can upgrade free. Upgrading is recommended.

Adobe Flash: Hw to creat an animated 3D logo using Illustrator and Swift 3D

Chapter: Distribution

Topic: Interactive

In this tutorial CreativeCOW leader, Lee Brimelow will show you how to take a shape drawn in Adobe Illustrator and use it to create a 3D flash animation using Swift 3D.


Adobe Illustrator: Hw to creat an animated 3D logo using Illustrator and Swift 3D

Chapter: Distribution

Topic: Interactive

In this tutorial CreativeCOW leader, Lee Brimelow will show you how to take a shape drawn in Adobe Illustrator and use it to create a 3D flash animation using Swift 3D.


Digital Film Tools releases 55mm 5.0

Digital Film Tools’ 55mm plug-in collection of 58 plug-ins that simulate popular glass camera filters, but applied in post production, not at the camera. The collection simulates specialized lenses, optical lab processes, lighting gels, film grain, day-for-night (illustrated), defocus, diffusion, tinting, reflectors, halos, grain and many more.

These filters do an excellent job of realistically simulating the result of an optical filter on the camera but with the control and flexibility of post production. Instead of committing to a look during photography you have the freedom to experiment in post.

One of the 15 new filters added to 55mm at version 5 is the Defog filter. Perfect for clearing up the visual equivalent of that "Sunday morning" feeling, Defog uses advanced deweathering algorithms to restore clear-day colors and contrast in scenes shot in fog or mist. It is also useful for removing the effects of actual Fog and Diffusion filters on the camera when the scene was shot.

55mm for Avid, After Effects, Final Cut Pro, Motion, Combustion, Digital Fusion is US$395 (or under $7 each plug-in) form Digital Film Tools. Upgrade pricing is available for existing customers.

Sony Vegas: Animating a Still Spotlight in Sony Vegas: Jazz up a still image with some motion

Chapter: Compositing Tools and Techniques

Topic: Compositing or Layering

In this brief tutorial, we’re going to touch on how to jazz up a still image with some motion laid into it.


Adobe Illustrator: 3D Charts in Adobe Illustrator CS

Chapter: Paint, Draw and Design

Topic: Design Techniques

The default graph styles in Adobe Illustrator aren’t exactly awe-inspiring. Come to think of it, graphs in general are pretty boring. But they can be critical for conveying information to an audience with a short attention span. So, when the marketing department hands you some data to “”jazz up”” for a meeting or your editor hands you a table to format for a sidebar, it’s your God-given duty as a designer to get that thing into some semblance of presentability or die trying.


M-Audio gets into the music plug-ins business

M-Audio, a division of Avid Technologies best known for audio Input/Output and musical accessories for computer-based music creation, have just introduced their own line of software that functions plug-ins for VST, RTAS and Audio Units host software or as stand alone software. Logic Pro 7 and Logic Express 7 both use Audio Units and would be compatible with M-Audio’s Drum and Bass Rig and Key Rig. Even though M-Audio and Digidesign are both part of Avid, that appears not to prevent them competing. M-Audio’s new offerings compete, in part, with Digidesign’s DigiRack and Bomb Factory Plug-ins.

Both releases are based on the same core engine and share common features in the master MIDI/Mixer section. In both Rigs, users can route, split, layer and mix each set of four modules in any combination that suits the performance and recording needs. A master effects section allows the addition of common effect settings over and above the individual effects for each instrument.

Key Rig covers the basic keyboard needs of a modern keyboardist in a single virtual rack design. The SP-1 Stage Piano module serves up grand pianos, Wurlitzer, classic electric pianos, FM, clavinet and more. Each preset holds the combination of two instruments while maintaining individual settings for Mix, Octave, Detune, Velocity and Tone. Within the preset, dual effects means each preset also has its own effect settings for items like delay, chorus, phaser and more.

The Drum and Bass Rig is also housed in a virtual rack and delivers a variety of bass and drum sounds ideal for creating backing tracks in both authentic and electronic styles. The LC-5 Loop Creator is ideal for people who want their own loops but find it hard to create them from scratch. It has a pool of 250 source loops including slice-reordering, slice muting or group muting of ranges of slices. It also offers a vast range of real-time controls for dynamic playing/arranging

M-Audio’s new software requires a G3/500MHz or faster but a G4 or faster is recommended. Memory requirement is a modest 256 MB and 1 GB of hard drive space. VST, AU or RTAS host required for plug-in use and a MIDI interface is required to play the virtual instruments. An Internet connection is required for software certification. Key Rig and Drum and Bass Rig are now shipping at a retail price of US$129.95 each.

Apple Final Cut Pro: Customize and Save Track Layouts

Chapter: Editing

Topic: Interface

When I?m working on animation projects I need large video tracks and when I?m audio mixing I find it useful to have larger audio tracks. Since I frequently switch between two timeline layouts it?s handy that FCP allows us to save them!