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Belle Nuit Subtitle 1.7 released

Belle Nuit Subtitler creates image files of the subtitles that are compatible with all non-linear editors and DVD authoring applications. For DVD authoring applications the DVD key-colors are used for direct application.

New features, other than Tiff-DVD mentioned above are:

  • Avid Helper Tool: A keyboard macro automates editing of the subtitles in Avid Media Composer and Avid Xpress.
  • Preflight Tool: Test your titlelist for consistency before you export.
  • Import of over 20 formats and Export of over 15 formats including new Cinecanvas, Scantitling, Sonic Producer and Sonic Scenarist, Spruce Maestro, Subrip and Substation Alpha.
  • Windows: Subtitler is now available for Windows. Avid editors and translators on PC can now share subtitle files with Macintosh users

Belle Nuit Subtitler includes a spotting application that allows translators to preview against a QuickTime movie and translate precisely and to accurate timing. Editors are freed from the time-consuming task of generating subtitles and timing. The editor is also free of responsibility for typos!

Belle Nuit Subtitler requires no specific hardware and runs on OS X, OS 9 (Classic) and Windows XP. A single user license is US$120 per platform (site licenses are available fro US$480). Current users of Subtitler 1.0 – 1.6 can upgrade free. Upgrading is recommended.


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